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Winning the war for talent


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This is a presentation I shared at the 4th annual ABSL Conference in Lodz. It talks about applying B2C and B2B marketing tactics to talent aquisition

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Winning the war for talent

  1. 1. Do we fight for talent?
  2. 2. 3 Macro trends that drive the fight for brainpower: Technology avalanche Bigger, better and faster world The rise of people“The fight for brainpower: employer branding trends and case studies” Universum, Katrina Arbin
  3. 3. Sector Growth87K (2012) – 110 K (2013)65 new centers in 20122/3 „new comers‟92% of ABSL membersplan to grow by 2015Assuming 10% attrition1000 people on a moveeach monthWhether you like it or notThe fight for talentIs ON*ABSL Data
  4. 4. Getting ready for the war: Knowledge Tools Tactics
  5. 5. Employer market has similar characteristics toB2C and B2B markets=Applying marketing strategiesfrom B2B,B2C to B2Emight work
  6. 6. Traditional mental model (B2C)“ZMOT Winning The Zero Moment Of Truth”, Jim Lecinski
  7. 7. The new mental model (B2C)“ZMOT Winning The Zero Moment Of Truth”, Jim Lecinski
  8. 8. Traditional mental model (B2B)“ZMOT Winning The Zero Moment Of Truth”, Jim Lecinski
  9. 9. The new mental model (B2B)“ZMOT Winning The Zero Moment Of Truth”, Jim Lecinski
  10. 10. The new mental model (B2E)SMOTZMOT FMOT
  12. 12. WHO is your target audience?HR/Recruitment answer Education Employment history Skills Trainings Years of experience1
  13. 13. WHO is your target audience?Marketing answer Interests Out of work activities Music Food Etc.INSIGHT1
  14. 14. How to find right insight? Focus groups Interviews Surveys Day in a life Coffee talk Social media Friends1
  15. 15. 2 WHAT is the EVP you want to convey?Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the balance ofthe rewards and benefits that are received byemployees in return for their performance at theworkplace.It is a set of associations and offerings provided byan organisation in return for the skills, capabilitiesand experiences an employee brings to theorganisation.It is a statement of why the total work experience atour company is superior to what they would get atother organisations.HR/Recruitment answer Compensation Benefits Career path International career Etc.
  16. 16. 2 WHAT is the EVP you want to convey?Marketing answer Hard benefits+ Emotional benefits “You don’t attract who you want.You attract who you are”John. C. MaxwellEVP must beconsistent with company‟s DNA
  17. 17. 3 HOW to deliver the message to target?HR/Recruitment answer Job Ads Banners Conferences Job fairs Brochures
  18. 18. 3 HOW to deliver the message to target?Marketing answer Select right channels “Differentiate or die”Jack Trout Be creative Leverage insight Respect your audience
  19. 19. 3 HOW is about making sure you stand out
  20. 20. WINNING the war for talentis aboutmasteringeach stage of new mental model
  21. 21. Few things to rememberIn B2B marketing 80% of buyers are notready to buy the first timeyou meet them Very long sales cyclesrequire constant nurturingof a contactIn B2E marketing Many candidates you meetwill not be interested atyour proposal at a time You have to keepreminding them about yourEVPso your company is a firstthing they will think aboutwhen they make adecision to buy/change
  22. 22. Few things to rememberIn B2B marketing Winning at SMOT translatesinto referrals This can be measured byNet Promoter ScoreIn B2E Winning at SMOTtranslates into low attrition What is your referral rate?
  23. 23. Entry situation0% brand recognition„Russian stigma‟
  24. 24. Objective (Oct 2010)200highly skilled IT engineersbyend of 2012
  25. 25. WHO - Target
  26. 26. WHO - InsightGadgets Hungry Loves PuzzlesGames Outdoor FamilyMusic
  27. 27. WHAT - EVP
  28. 28. WHAT - EVP
  29. 29. HOW – Plan
  30. 30. HOW – Execution – Big Bang
  31. 31. HOW – Execution – Big Bang
  32. 32. HOW – Execution – Big Bang
  33. 33. HOW- Communicate EVP
  34. 34. HOW- Communicate EVP
  35. 35. HOW – Refresh the brand on regular basis
  36. 36. HOW – Refresh the brand on regular basis
  37. 37. HOW – Refresh the brand on regular basis
  38. 38. Rock Wednesday
  39. 39. Videos––––
  40. 40. Results300+ employees100% increasein speed ofrecruitment80% brandrecognition in KRKOver 1 mln PLN inAdvertising ValueEquivalent75% of employeeswould recommendLuxoft to a friend“Top CSR initiativeof the Year” 2012
  41. 41. Results
  42. 42. 8 June 2013It is notthe stimulusthat makes your people leave
  43. 43. 8 June 2013Be creativeand know your audience
  44. 44. 8 June 2013What happens at SMOTwill leak outDear employees,Worrying about your health wewould like to remind you thatDONUTS MAKE YOU FAT.Recommend people to your ownfirm, and not to Luxoft. Enter …Regards,Recruitment team