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Wills & Estate Planning


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A comprehensive overview of the Wills & Estate Planning services offered by Pryce Warner International Group.

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Wills & Estate Planning

  1. 1. Wills & Estate Planning International Wills & Estate PlanningGeneva London Paris Brussels Monaco Nassau
  2. 2. Wills & Estate PlanningWhat are the Benefits of an International Will & Estate Plan?If you have assets (e.g. property) in more than one country, inheritance and estateplanning can become highly complex.An Estate plan that accounts for this can ensure that the total inheritance tax paid acrossall jurisdictions is minimised.This will Ensure your partner/children are provided for in the future.Professional estate planning will mean that the minimum of inheritance tax is required andthat your wishes as regards to your assets can be passed on exactly how you wish,regardless of where your assets are held.Global Financial Expertise Wherever You Are
  3. 3. Wills & Estate PlanningAbout our International Wills & Estate PlansWhether you are planning a family, already have children or planning your retirement, it isessential to make a will. Doing so allows your assets (property, stocks, savings, etc) to bepassed on to the people you love in a manner of your choosing.It is a common misconception that IHT only affects the very wealthy. In fact, under UKinheritance tax law (IHT) any estate valued at over £325 000 (double for married couples)is liable to 40% IHT. Between the average value of property and savings, not to mentionany stocks shares you may have, this means the majority of home-owners will likely besubject to IHT.Working in one country, owning property in another and having dependents in a third canmean your estate may be subject to myriad of inheritance laws in numerous countries. Forthis reason it is a good idea to set up a will in every country where you own property andhave your primary will in the country you are domiciled in for tax purposes.Global Financial Expertise Wherever You Are
  4. 4. Why Pryce Warner International Group?40 Years Experience In Dealing with the Needs of Expats Throughout the WorldGreater Control over Your Estate ManagementGreater Breadth of Investment OpportunitiesIncreased Estate Planning OpportunitiesTransparent CostsClear & Concise ReportingGlobal Financial Expertise Wherever You Are
  5. 5. In summary…We are an INDEPENDENT Consultancy Group with over 40 YEARS experienceWe have a PROVEN TRACK RECORDWe work with the WORLD’S BEST INVESTMENT MANAGERSWe provide a PERSONAL SERVICE for our clients ARE YOU ON THE RIGHT TRACK FOR YOUR FINANCIAL FREEDOM & INDEPENDENCE?Global Financial Expertise Wherever You Are
  6. 6. Wills & Estate Planning International Wills & Estate PlanningGeneva London Paris Brussels Monaco Nassau