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Pruvan Introduction

  1. 1. Informationabout Pruvan Transmit GPS-certified photos from FIELD to FILED instantly.1
  2. 2. What is Pruvan? Pruvan provides thousands of vendors/suppliers/inspectors the tools to take millions of photos a month using iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Pruvan replaces point and shoot cameras with a comprehensive online photo management solution leveraging popular mobile devices. Confidential Information © 2010-2011. Do not Duplicate or2 Distribute 11/09/12
  3. 3. What all comes with Pruvan? There are three basic aspects of Pruvan: •A Smartphone app- download this on your phone from your app store for free. •Online Website- create projects, users and access your photos •Pruvan Downloader- organizes photos into folders on your computer ready to share with your clients Confidential Information © 2010-2011. Do not Duplicate or3 Distribute 11/09/12
  4. 4. The Pruvan Smartphone App You can create your own projects on your Smartphone. You can load projects assigned from the office. Take photos for each project and watch them quickly upload to the office. No more late nights collecting cameras, downloading, resizing organizing, emailing or transferring photos! Confidential Information © 2010-2012. Do not Duplicate or4 Distribute 11/09/12
  5. 5. Pruvan Online Access to Pruvan online gives you the ability to create sub-users, control your devices, create and assign projects to your field staff, view photos as they upload from the field, and manage your account with Pruvan. Confidential Information © 2010-2012. Do not Duplicate or5 Distribute 11/09/12
  6. 6. Pruvan Downloader The Pruvan Downloader is a PC application that automatically retrieves your photos from your online account. This means you have all photos in the office ready to view, share, include in reports or send to clients before your Field Staff leave the jobsite! Confidential Information © 2010-2012. Do not Duplicate or6 Distribute 11/09/12
  7. 7. How much does Pruvan cost? Pruvan is a month to month subscription, less than $20 per device. You can cancel anytime online or call us and we can help you. We only charge per device so you can have as many users, project, or photos as you want. Confidential Information © 2010-2012. Do not Duplicate or7 Distribute 11/09/12
  8. 8. WHERE CAN YOU LEARN MORE ABOUT PRUVAN? To get more information about Pruvan you can visit our website at or give us a call at 512-244-9511. Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.8