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Google loves WordPress - Blogging For SEO WordCamp NYC 2012

  1. Alex Miranda | PR Underground | June 2012
  2. Who Am I? • SEO Since 1998 • Editor-in-Chief at PR Underground • SEO Manager at Marknet Group Inc • Asst Organizer of Hudson Valley Wordpress Meetup Group • Executive Chef • Live in East Windham, NY Twitter: @mralexmiranda Facebook: Google+: Email:
  3. Topics • Why are you blogging? • WordPress settings • Plugins • Google Authorship Program • Optimizing your blog • Sharing your blog with your target market When you see this….. It’s a Hot Tip
  4. Why Are You Blogging? • Selling Product/Service – Establish company as a solution • Community – All about relationships. They must trust your voice and connect with you • Advertising – All about traffic and bounce rates • SEO – using the perfect search terms, all of the above
  5. WordPress Settings
  6. Permalinks • Do not use strange characters • Change the default setting to a custom setting • Use hyphens - to separate words. • No spaces is bad Example: - Good - Bad
  7. Ping Me • What is a ping? A ping automatically notifies social bookmarking sites, search engines, RSS Feeds and blog directories every time you update your blog. • Ping-O-Matic alone goes to 20 services. There are over 250 available. • Add Ping Optimizer Plugin.
  8. Plugins
  9. Plugins • All In One SEO Pack – Add title tags, description and more • Google XML Sitemaps – Builds your xml sitemap • Google Analytics - All about stats • Feedburner Feedsmith – Adds your post to Google Feedburner • Disqus – Comment plugin • WordPress Ping Optimzer - Save your blog from getting tagged as ping spammer • Email Tool Integration- MailChimp, Aweber, etc. • Redirection- Manage all your 301 redirects and monitor 404 errors
  10. Plugins Onlywire • Manage your social & professional networks • Automatically submit your post to 50+ sites at the click of a button • Automatically adds tags from your post • Instantly fills out captcha for you.
  11. Plugins SEO Rank Reporter • Track your Google rankings every 3 days and see reports of your progress in a graph • View a historical graph of your rankings • Email notifications when any one of your rankings changes • See how many visits come to your website from selected keywords
  12. Google Authorship Program
  13. Google Authorship Program Implement Google authorship markup • Must have a Google+ account • Claim your content*. Provides huge search engine ranking benefits • Profile picture lends instant credibility • Help readers discover your other content on the web. • Go to:
  14. Google Authorship Program Busted!!
  15. Google Authorship Program How Do I Know If I have It? • Go to:
  16. Google Authorship Program How Do I Add it to Wordpress? • Use the Rel=Author code <a href="" rel="author">Your Name</a>
  17. Google Authorship Program How Do I Add it to Wordpress? • Go to users and under bio add the REL=author code.
  18. Optimizing Your Blog “While Google is constantly updating the way we rank, WordPress has forever changed the speed at which we rank” – Alex Miranda
  19. Content • Write for people not for search engines • Naturally add keywords into your post • The point of each sentence is to get them to read the next sentence • Call to action at the end
  20. The Title/Headline • Make sure your title is engaging. It is the first impression to your reader, on search engines, social media, & RSS Feed • 80% of people read headline copy ONLY • List posts are always good – use the number 5, 7 and 9 • Use word like Why, What, How, Fastest, Tips and Secrets • Think of words users are typing to find you • Use search terms you wish to rank on in the title • Use trending words in the title
  21. How do I Create The Perfect Title? Step 1. • Select for which search terms you want to rank for on Google. This is the term your target market will use to find your services/products. For example, “WordPress SEO”.
  22. How do I find The Perfect Title? Step 2. • Research search terms I can rank on with “WordPress SEO”. • Go to – here you want to see what is trending and incorporate trending topics into your blog post title. For example, I found out Google and Wordpress were trending. Therefore, I want to try to use “WordPress SEO” and “Google” in my blog title. • Went to Google Keyword Research Tools and entered “WordPress SEO” and “Google” . Here I saw which search terms are being used by searchers and receive the most traffic.
  23. Add The Keyword Step 3. • You are going to use the search terms in your blog post title, summary, body and tags. • Make sure the title is eye-catching. • Link it to an existing related article on your site.
  24. Add Tags Step 4. • Tags help users find your content. • Social Bookmarking sites and RSS feeds use tags to identify content specific information. • Make sure you use tags that are related to your article. • No Follow your tags.
  25. Title Tags/Description Step 5. • Remember people will read the meta description snippet. It must get their attention.
  26. Categories • Use categories that are relevant to your blog post • Use categories that are good keywords.
  27. Robot.txt • If you write a post and add it to two different categories or create multiple tags, you are creating duplicate content. Use This: (You can also use a plugin called Meta Robots)
  28. This Is What Happens!! • 6 pages on Google search results
  29. The DR OZ Show • Client wanted to rank on Google News for the term “Hypnosis for Weight Loss” at the same time the DR Oz Show started.
  30. The DR OZ Show • Mission accomplished. Client received calls from as far away as Canada before show was even over.
  31. Share, Share, Share
  32. Social Bookmark Sites Bookmarking Sites: Create as many accounts as possible.
  33. Tweet • Use targeted #hashtags on twitter. Example:
  34. This Is What Happens!!
  35. Share, Share, Share • Share on Facebook • Ask people to like it • Share on Linkedin Groups • Build your list. Email out each post • Allow contributors to participate in your post. Use Blog Stampede • Create a YouTube video with the same title
  36. The Secret SEO Weapon Social Media Press Release • Use it to compliment your blog post. Create a release of your post. • Generates Inbound Links to your blog • Have your story appear on Google News within 5 minutes • Google loves fresh content • Target hard to find keywords • Share, Share, Share
  37. Let’s Talk Feel free to email me if: • If you want free bonus SEO material • The entire presentation • SEO recommendations for your blog Attendees, receive a 25% discount on a social media press release when you email and follow me. Email: Twitter: @mralexmiranda Facebook: Google+: Web: