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Google Local SEO - How To Rock Your Local SEO


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Are local customers finding your business online? Is your website optimized for local SEO? How good is Yext? Is your Google My Business page setup correctly? The potential to attract new customers via local search is huge. Local search engine optimization is more than just plugins and keywords. It is not a trend or fad. 70% of searchers will find the information they need WITHOUT even needing to visit YOUR website. Alex Miranda of Marknet Group will share his wealth of local SEO knowledge with you.

The presentation will include:

• Local SEO myths

• Local SEO plugins

• Google+ My Business vs Google Local

• What citations are worth your time

• The fastest way to add citations without spending a dime

• What is the Local Carousel, why it matters & hows it changing

• Pigeon Update. Who benefits? Who loses?

• GEO targeted Organic Local Landing Pages

• Some really cool tips, tricks & hacks!!

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Google Local SEO - How To Rock Your Local SEO

  1. 1. With Alex Miranda
  2. 2. What I Will Cover • Local SEO myths • Local SEO plugins • Google+ My Business vs Google Local • Citations • Local Carousel • Pigeon Update • Organic Local Landing Pages • Some really cool tips, tricks & hacks!!
  3. 3. Local SEO Myths Myth – To boost your SEO just claim your Google business listing. Myth - The More Google+ Posts and followers, the better. Myth – You should worry about NAP details like “St.” vs “Street”, “Rd.” vs “Road” Myth – I need reviews from all citation sites. Myth – You need a WordPress Local SEO plugin. Myth – Implementing Schema will boost your rankings. It Just makes it easier for search engines to display content.
  4. 4. Local SEO Plugins • Yoast Local SEO - $69, $129, $249. Marks up your contact page • WordPress Local SEO – FREE • Local Search SEO Contact Page – FREE Generates QR Code • Local Business SEO - Simple way to add important microdata information about your site for SEO purposes
  5. 5. Google My Business Vs Google+ Local
  6. 6. What Matters • Use one Gmail address for everything • Verify your business • Link Website • Email is beneficial • NAP – name, address, phone number • Use an address recognized by Google • Provide local phone number • Proper Category – Choose 5. First is most important • Add logo and at least 5 images • Gain over 10 followers • Claim custom URL • 5 reviews and stars will start appearing on SERP • Change intro once a month
  7. 7. Delete Duplicate Pages
  8. 8. Delete Duplicate Pages If there is an issue, have Google call you right away. Go Here
  9. 9. Oh and BTW You can now get back deleted pages.
  10. 10. Google+ Brand Page Audit
  11. 11. Google+ Brand Page Audit
  12. 12. Citations Structured Citations – Most common. Found on business listing sites such as, Unstructured Citations – Event Listing sites, job sites, govt sites, blogs..etc
  13. 13. Citation Tips • Be consistent with NAP across all channels. • Check to see if you are already listed. • Use – site: to search your business. • When searching for your business use variations. • Use MOZ Local to find errors. • Use Google MapMaker. • Clean up first before listing on other sites. • Use this tool (Blumenthals) to find proper Google Places categories. • Start big go small. • Stay organized and create a spreadsheet. • Comply with Google’s quality guidelines. Read it!
  14. 14. Ways To Get Local Citations • Organize Local Events – Think EventBrite, WordCamps, Charity. • Host workshops at your business – Get them on • Search – Use meetup + your city, free workshops + your city or “free classes + your city” and you’ll find more places to post events. • Host an event at a local library – Gets you on their online event calender. • Job Posting – Elance, Odesk, Freelancer..etc. Include NAP, URL. • Classified Ads – Craigslist, Ebay, local newspapers. Include NAP, URL. • Discount citations, student citations, chambers and more…Check this list out
  15. 15. Let Me Tell You About Yext • Cost – Prices range from $500 to $$$$. • Rankings - Does NOT boost rankings. • Pay to Play – Once you stop paying, photos, text descriptions and tracking disappear. • Verification – Not owner verified and therefore are not valued as highly by Google. • Duplicates – They do not remove duplicates. Only positive is speed at which info is synced.
  16. 16. Be Very Careful With Yext Scan Results
  17. 17. Trust MOZ. They Don’t Mislead
  18. 18. Concentrate on the Big 4 Aggregators • Puppet masters of the local search ecosystem. • They send info to directories. • Feed search engines every few months with your info. • Fix your company info. • Allows you to cut down on time. • Prioritize directories you wish to cover.
  19. 19. Concentrate on the Big 4 Aggregators Localeze - $297 per year • Yellowpages • • Hotfrog • Best of Web Local • Apple/Siri • Trip Advisor • Bing & Yahoo Local Plus many more……..
  20. 20. Concentrate on the Big 4 Aggregators InfoGroup – Free via • Google Maps • Citysearch/CityGrid • Whitepages • Superpages • Ask • Bing & Yahoo Local Plus many more……..
  21. 21. Concentrate on the Big 4 Aggregators Acxiom – Free • Yelp • Yellowpages • Superpages • • Yellowbook • Apple/Siri
  22. 22. Concentrate on the Big 4 Aggregators Factual – New kid on block. • Yelp • Google Maps • Bing • Trip Advisor • Apple/Siri
  23. 23. Concentrate on the Big 4 Aggregators Factual – New kid on block. • Yelp • Google Maps • Bing • Trip Advisor • Apple/Siri
  24. 24. Pigeon Update • Only affects local queries. Search radius reduced. Neighborhood targeting increases. • Yelp & TripAdvisor biggest winners. • Local directories benefit most. They will take over most local results. • Small business website owners get hurt. • DUI lawyers, realtors wiped off the carousel map!!..More to come
  25. 25. Pigeon Update • Google carousel will disappear on desktop. Replaced with local pack to mirror Mobile search results. • See which directories are showing up for important keywords. List yourself on them. • Based on your GEO mobile location, your local SERP will constantly change. • WWMD will be future of Local SEO. Oh that stands for: What would mobile do.
  26. 26. The Pigeon Effect Day 1
  27. 27. The Pigeon Effect Day 3
  28. 28. Tracking Local Pack Results Do a search for your business
  29. 29. Tracking Local Pack Results Copy the new Google generated search query
  30. 30. Tracking Local Pack & Carousel Results Go To Webmaster Tools
  31. 31. Google is now tracking GEO location for broad search terms.
  32. 32. Organic Local Landing Pages • There are only 10 spots for organic. Up to 7 for Maps. • Identify which areas to target and create a unique page for each. • Content + Optimization = Local SEO. • Focus on local long tailed keywords, products, services. • Write to connect with your target audience. • Clear and relevant. Speak their language. • Avoid keywords in Footer. • Make sure local keyword is in permalink. • Title tags and description must include local keyword. • Do not overload with Keywords • Start with a few. Build out over time.
  33. 33. Organic Local Landing Page Example
  34. 34. Local SEO Results!!
  35. 35. Local SEO Results!!
  36. 36. Great Keyword Tool • It’s Free • Finds Keywords people are actually using on Google • It’s great for longtail keywords • YouTube Keyword research included
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Connect YouTube with Google+ • Sign into YouTube with the user name and password used to manage your Google My Business Page. • Choose the account you manage. • Connect • Make Sure You Verify Channel.
  39. 39. Connecting you current YouTube Channel Go here:
  40. 40. YouTube SEO Trick • Edit your closed caption transcript. You can use it as an SEO optimized description.
  41. 41. YouTube SEO Trick • Edit to include keywords. Then download and copy & paste to description. This will bump your video up on rankings.
  42. 42. Connect With Me Email: LinkedIn: mralexmiranda Twitter: @mralexmiranda Facebook: Google+: Web:
  43. 43. Want To Learn More? Checkout our WordPress SEO classes at: • Set up your Google My business page • Local SEO plugins and which ones to install • Create local organic landing pages • Learn Geo targeted keyword research • Get your questions answered immediately • Live and in person hands on training using your very own website