The Energised Employee brochure


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The Energised Employee programme empowers employees to understand stress, so they can reduce their stress levels naturally

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The Energised Employee brochure

  1. 1. THE ENERGISED EMPLOYEE Less stress – More Vitality
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE ENERGISED EMPLOYEE? THE BENEFITS OF HAVING ENERGISED EMPLOYEESTHE ENERGISED EMPLOYEE is a programme By understanding how this works, With the latest research stating that 13 million Informwhich supports staff to reduce their stress employees can make simple changes stress days are lost each year averaging an annual LUNCH AND LEARNlevels naturally. At its heart is the belief that have a huge impact on their cost to businesses of £28.3 billion, many companiesthat a business can only truly prosper if energy and health. fall short in educating their staff in how to reduce Empowerit’s employees are mentally and physically their stress levels. STRESS REDUCTION WORKSHOPShealthy. As stress is considered the pri- For long term business success, it is vitalmary cause of sickness, absenteeism and that companies enable their employees Companies that have ENERGISED EMPLOYEES Interactlow productivity, THE ENERGISED EMPLOYEE to thrive. This can only be achieved stand out from the norm as they have: STRESS RELEASING MASSAGEempowers staff to understand work-stress when staff understand how stress canso they can lower their stress levels and impact them and have techniques that • More creativitytransform their office experience. support them to stay calm, focused and • Higher productivity energised when working in a fast paced • Low staff turnoverA common myth in the workplace is office environment. • Better customer satisfactionthat stress only comes from an externalcircumstance be that a deadline, client or • Healthy, happy employeesinternal team dynamics. In reality, while who feel valuedexternal factors do play a part, the maincause of high stress levels are linked to The core components of the programmehydration, nutrition and personal attitude. consist of: Inform Highly Motivated Highly Focused Highly productive ENERGISED EMPLOYEE Interact Empower Educated Self aware Physically healthy© Copyright Prue Nichols 2012 All rights reserved. © Copyright Prue Nichols 2012 All rights reserved.
  3. 3. LUNCH AND LEARN STRESS REDUCTION WORKSHOPSpeaker slots A six week stress reduction programme‘Prue has a unique ability to LUNCH AND LEARN are informal speaker slots ‘Prue is a great facilitator; she Although there are currently many differentsimplify topics that initially seem that are designed to educate and simplify topics listens to everyone’s challenges definitions of what stress is, we believe that it’s relating to stress, health and wellbeing. While most accurately described as “a stress responseconfusing – its like a lightbulb while delivering all the aspects many employees are interested in health topics, caused by a stress trigger”.going on when you think “duh the amount of contradictory information available of the course. She made us all feelthat’s why I haven’t been sleeping in the media can leave people feeling confused at ease and left us feeling totally While the stress response is a series of physical andproperly – it makes sense now!” and unsure about which advice to follow. confident with dealing with stress psychological changes that has not changed sinceKatie as well as being more tolerant’ the dawn of time; our society is now very different The speaker slots are designed to simplify topics to that of our primitive ancestors. As such this Myrtle and break down the reasons as to why certain amazing, unconscious response that has kept us behaviours result in stress. While topics can be safe from physical dangers is now being used to deal tailored and commissioned by companies, each with more mental rather than physical challenges speaker slot has a seasonal focus. or ‘dangers’. This results in problems especially in the workplace as, unlike our ancestors, we do not Topics include: 7 mistakes that people make when have the same physical outlet or opportunity to dealing with stress, how to avoid the office cold, rebalance after a stress trigger. why 90% of vitamins are a waste of money and which 10% we actually need, why lack of water Also, while people acknowledge that the stress makes you stressed, why the vending machine response is the same for everyone, people generally is not our friend. do not realise that there are a number of universal stress triggers which if ignored will create the Each topic lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. feeling of being stressed. Time for questions and answers is allocated at the end of each session. At the end of the six weeks of the STRESS REDUCTION WORKSHOP each attendee will have a wide range of tools and techniques to stay calm, focused and in control whenever their stress alarm is activated. A strong emphasis of the course is in creating a group bond so that employees can support each other with behavioral changes they wish to make. This six hour workshop takes places over six weeks and while it is advised that employees attend all six weeks for full benefit; replacement CDs are given if a session is missed.© Copyright Prue Nichols 2012 All rights reserved. © Copyright Prue Nichols 2012 All rights reserved.
  4. 4. STRESS RELEASING MASSAGE WHY WORK WITH PRUE‘Even just 20 minutes of Prue is We all know that we are not designed to sit at a ‘Prue inspires us all to live naturally Prue Nichols has an in-depth knowledge andlike an oasis of calm and relaxation. desk all day. Most of us also find that when we’re both inside and outside of the office’ experience of UK offices having spent six years busy, sitting according to the correct postural alignment working in International Public Relations. It wasShe is friendly and welcoming Breda is often forgotten. While our bodies can yield to when she moved abroad to spend two yearsand highly skilled in unknotting strange and interesting positions during the work working in India and Thailand that, while immersedstubborn muscles’ day, there is no doubt that continued misuse causes in a different culture, all the stress symptoms thatKathryn problems. Typically tension builds around the Prue experienced regularly in London, disappeared muscles in the back, neck and shoulders which without using conventional medical intervention. if left untreated can result in headaches, mental fatigue, general tightness and lack of flexibility and Interested to understand how the body can heal more specifically carpal tunnel and frozen shoulders. itself naturally, Prue returned to the UK and studied in great detail how the stress interplays between While the NHS report back pain is the most the mind and body. Having qualified in anatomy, common reason for days off, lost working days physiology, massage, reflexology and nutrition she can be avoided by addressing the issue before also looked at broader practices to understand it gets to the point of pain and discomfort. the mental, physical and spiritual impact that stress STRESS RELEASING MASSAGE is specifically can have in the workplace. designed to alleviate tension held by these muscle groups. Prue has been working with companies such as LOVEFiLM, Computacenter and Great Place to Each treatment takes place in a specially designed Work to reduce office stress and create energised, chair and as it takes place over clothes, without using motivated employees. oil, employees can return to their desk renewed, re-energized and re-motivated. While treatments can vary between ten minutes and 40 minutes, we find that 20 minute sessions are the most beneficial.© Copyright Prue Nichols 2012 All rights reserved. © Copyright Prue Nichols 2012 All rights reserved.
  5. 5. THE ORANGE GROVEI set up the Orange Grove in 2006 to create a As well as running a busy practice in Hertfordshire,haven of calm to balance the busy pace of office life. I work with businesses to alleviate employee stressHaving experienced fast paced, high stress jobs for so that individuals, teams and entire businessesover six years I really understood from first hand can really take off and harness the energy of aexperience the different stress symptoms that can busy, working environment. My book on stressresult from juggling many balls in the air. While I management in the workplace is due to be publishedloved the excitement and buzz, I increasingly found in January 2013.that the on-going, ignored office stress was erodingthe day-to-day enjoyment of my life. If you would like further information on how your company would benefit from THE ENERGISEDI decided to work abroad and moved to India and EMPLOYEE programme please do get in touch.Thailand and found that even though I still had manystress triggers (working as a single women in India There is also a free report to download onis not without it’s challenging moments) being part on the seven mistakesof a culture that viewed the mind and body very that people make when dealing with stress.differently to anything I had previously experiencedhad a huge impact on my well being.All the hormonal,digestive and sleep problems that I suffered inLondon disappeared and I realised that, underthe right conditions I could heal myself without Prue Nicholsmedical meddling. FounderSince my return to the UK I have dedicated myself Contactto understanding the impact that stress has on our PRUE NICHOLSphysical, mental and spiritual selves. From studying t: 07811 473 748and qualifying in many scientific based practices e: prue@theorangegrove.netfrom anatomy to nutrition to massage, I also looked www.theorangegrove.netto more alternative therapies to get a broaderunderstanding of the nature of stress.© Copyright Prue Nichols 2012 All rights reserved.