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How to Build Your Brand Newsroom


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Get the most out of your brands newsroom. Learn about creating stories, audience building and campaign personalization.

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How to Build Your Brand Newsroom

  1. 1. How to Build Your Brand Newsroom . Academy
  2. 2. AGENDA 1. What is a newsroom? 2. Examples 3. Brand Journals 4. Prowly 5. Questions/Comments
  3. 3. NICOLE V. SCOTT Digital Marketing/ PR for 7 years. Happily joined Prowly in March 2016 Is terrified of windmills  @NicoleVScott   nicolevscot
  4. 4. . Is a Set of Tools Designed to: Help you build audiences around companies, brands and people Manage media relations Create great content Pitch your stories to relevant audiences 
  5. 5. Our Story 5
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  8. 8. I n te l N e w s r o o m h t t ps:/ / n ewsroom .in t el.c om
  9. 9. A lle g r o N e w s r o o m h t t ps:/ / m agazy n
  10. 10. Brand Journals
  11. 11. A Brand Journal brings all of your content sources - blog posts, social media channels, video channels, and all other media (videos, images etc.) together in one place. Watch your brand’s unique story come alive in an interactive, visually stunning, real-time experience with only the relevant information about your brand. It’s the one source anybody will ever need to know to really get to know your brand.
  12. 12. Key Features Custom Look and Feel SEO Features Custom Web Address All communication channels in one place VIP Zone Newsletter Subscription Responsive Design
  13. 13. Custom Look and Feel It only takes 15 minutes to personalize your Brand Journal to match your identity. Add your logo and a background, set-up brand colors, upload your content, and customize the layout on the main page. Brand Journal13
  14. 14. SEO Features With SEO Management you can easily define the main criteria of your Brand Journal’s visibility in search results. Brand Journal14
  15. 15. Custom Web Address You can host your Brand Journal on our Prowly address (such as: or redirect to your own (like Brand Journal15
  16. 16. All Communication Channels in One Place You can add different social media and blogging channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, SlideShare, and blog via RSS to your Brand Journal. Brand Journal16
  17. 17. VIP Zone If you have a VIP audience, you can setup the special zone for them to see exclusive content. Brand Journal17
  18. 18. Newsletter Subscription Generate leads by newsletter subscriptions. Turn first time readers into valuable, long-term endorsers. Brand Journal18
  19. 19. Responsive Design Mobile communication is more prevalent than ever, and the trend is still pointing up. Our platform and all of the channels created with Prowly are fully responsive and mobile-optimized. Brand Journal19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Content Creator
  22. 22. Our editor turns can help take your content to the next level. Display your press releases, articles and interviews as compelling, rich-media stories while providing a visually stunning, engaging and SEO-friendly experience for your audience.
  23. 23. Press Release/Article/Interview Templates SEO Features Private Stories Scheduling Publications Responsive Design Uploads Key Features
  24. 24. Press Release/Article/ Interview Templates With Prowly you can easily create stories in different forms. Use a template that fits you content type, turn it into whatever you want - press release, article, or interview. Content Creator24
  25. 25. SEO Compatibility PR and SEO should work together to generate web traffic. All of the stories created with Prowly are SEO super-friendly. Content Creator25
  26. 26. Private Stories You can make your stories visible to everyone or for a specific audience. Outbound PR often works the best when you have an exclusive message to deliver. Content Creator26
  27. 27. Scheduling Publications The Scheduling Publications feature allows you to create an editorial calendar within your team. Content Creator27
  28. 28. Responsive Design Content created with Prowly is fully responsive and mobile- optimized allowing your target to view your content on any device. Content Creator28
  29. 29. Uploads Upload pictures, presentations, PDFs, and documents; create image galleries; and place them directly into your story. Content Creator29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. Audience Pitching
  32. 32. Knowing your audience is essential to pitching them what, how and when they need it. Our audience management tool lets you and your team learn about your audience on a daily basis and use that knowledge to create powerful e-mail. Personalized emails work - and with our detailed analytics, you will know exactly how well you’re performing.
  33. 33. Media Database Management Advanced Segmentation Collaboration Features Personalized E-mails Campaigns Scheduling Advanced Tracking Key Features
  34. 34. Media Database Management Importing contacts has never been easier. Just put your lists into the Audience Pitch app and we will take care of the rest. Audience Pitching34
  35. 35. Advanced Segmentation With Prowly, you and your team can easily manage all your contacts. Stop just pitching stuff to opinion leaders - start understanding them on a more personal level. Audience Pitching35
  36. 36. Collaboration Features Build insight around your audience within your entire team. We provide you with actionable knowledge, useful to an entire company - top to bottom. Audience Pitching36
  37. 37. Personalized E-mails No more mailing mishaps. Prowly lets you create personalized, meaningful e-mail campaigns that are powerful and relevant. Audience Pitching37
  38. 38. Campaigns Scheduling Our scheduling feature allows you to plan all of your future actions. Remembering to send a press release or blog post is now a thing of the past. Audience Pitching38
  39. 39. Advanced Tracking Our in-depth statistics give you tangible data about your stories' performance. Real-time notifications about the results give you actionable knowledge for your future strategies. Audience Pitching39
  40. 40. 40
  41. 41. Small $ 89.0 /month 1 Brand Journal 2 social media channels Media resources 2users No Limit stories 800 subscribers (150 per campaign) 3GB storage Prowly feed Medium $ 369.0 /month 1 Brand Journal 5 social media channels Your domain Media resources 5 users No limit stories 3000 subscribers (250 per campaign) 10 GB storage Prowly feed Large $ 595.0 /month 1 Brand Journal 10 social media channels Your domain Media resources 10 users No limit stories 10000 subscribers (500 per campaign) 50 GBstorage Prowly feed Premium Request a demo You choose You choose You choose Media resources You choose No limit stories You choose You choose Prowly feed Pricing Plans
  42. 42. Thank You for Joining Us! Questions/ Comments Contact: Interested in Building Your Very Own Newsroom? Request a Demo: