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OutSystems community meetup January 2019 websockets


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Presentation given at the Belgium OutSystems meetup in January 2019 by Niels Favreau.
Niels explained how to integrate websockets in OutSystems

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OutSystems community meetup January 2019 websockets

  1. 1. Websockets Niels Favreau
  2. 2. Introduction  What are web sockets?  Represent a standard for bi-directional realtime communication between servers and clients.  Next generation of REST API’s  Connection stays open until closed  Why?  Instant reaction between multiple platforms and clients  No manual refresh needed  Low latency (as fast as the client network can handle)  Much faster than HTTP  Example  Push notifications  Live dashboards  Web notifications  …  Firebase
  3. 3. What’s firebase?  Google BaaS (Backend as a service)  Real time database communication  Firebase sends you new data as soon as it’s updated.  All connected clients receive the updated data almost instantly.  Cross platform
  4. 4. Websockets in OutSystems