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OutSystems community meetup Jan 2019 - javascript integration


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Presentation given by Niels Favreau at the Belgium OutSystems meetup mid January 2019.
It explains how to integrate external javascript libraries into your OutSystems application

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OutSystems community meetup Jan 2019 - javascript integration

  1. 1. Javascript integration Niels Favreau
  2. 2. Introduction  What is a JavaScript library?  A JavaScript file that contains a bunch of functions, and those functions accomplish some useful tasks for your webpage.  Not a framework!  Why?  Don’t reinvent the wheel  Speed up development  Example of a javascript library  Go.JS, DateRangePicker, Fullcalendar  Used by Outsystems and the community  Outsystems UI widgets  Forge
  3. 3. Step by step guide Download the required JS files1 2 Import them as a resource and deploy to target directory 3 Include them using the path Outsystems provides  HTTP Requesthandler  Separate webblock with expression  Same webblock as the widget  … 4 Search for a simple example snippet in the documentation and try to understand it 5 Create a webblock for your widget 6 Insert the example JavaScript code in  Webblock javascript property  Expression with ‘escape content’ set to ‘no’  EnsaplusateJS() for Outsystems 11  SilkUI JS widget for Outsystems 10