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Outsystems community meetup 2018 11 reusable ui components


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Presentation of the Belgium OutSystems Community Meetup of November 2018 about Reusable UI Components in OutSystems Version 11

Presented by Glen Michiels from Providit

Published in: Technology
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Outsystems community meetup 2018 11 reusable ui components

  1. 1. Reusable UI Components
  2. 2. What is a Component? A component is a reusable object that speeds up application creation and delivery. It should be easy to use and understand, and the focus should be main or common use cases.
  3. 3. 6 Simple steps • Purpose • Logic • Presentation • Reusability • Maintenance • Non-functional requirements
  4. 4. Using an API • Keep it small • Keep it simple • Focus on the main use cases • Offer the best defaults • Limit the number of inputs
  5. 5. Pitfalls to avoid • Keep in mind the possibility of change • Avoid the !important CSS tag • Use style classes where possible • Avoid setting colors and buttons • Offer extensibility
  6. 6. Names and descriptions • meaningful names • Use PascalCase • Use event names that start with "On"
  7. 7. Visual presentation • Use images that identify the component • Use the same image within the component • Use false Conditions for Better Previews • Add sample content to placeholders if useful
  8. 8. Maintenance • Add comments or notes where needed • Comment changes to code between versions • Create a demo module
  9. 9. Let’s give it a try