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The Truth About Multitasking in Customer Service [Infographic]


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This infographic shows not only shocking facts about multitasking but also provides useful recommendations which will help your customer support team to get ready to multitasking.

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The Truth About Multitasking in Customer Service [Infographic]

  1. 1. Multitasking in Customer Service g : g- V W i*‘l. ; 3 Shocking Facts About Multitasking 0 drop in productivity can be caused by 40% multitasking approximate estimated cost of interruptions to the American economy Jonathan B. Spira drop in IQ is caused of the population can actually process tasks by multitasking simultaneously BITICS 8 SON 6 more time is required 6 to complete a task more errors are made for those people who by multitasks are interrupted . 0 in average was 0 of workers ages required for Microsoft 25 to 39 feel burned employees to getback out by their jobs to intense mental because of multitasking tasks, like writing , _ reports or computer code, after responding to e-mail or instant messages New York Times Customer Service Multitasking Pros and Cons /0 /0 You learn how to deal with distractions and interruptions You can waste a lot of time while multitasking You develop the ability to filter out the excess Multitasking may lead to stress and weariness You use multiple communication technologies simultaneously and deal with tasks more efficiently You might fail to find a solution while trying to resolve several complicated issues at the same time Multitaskers risk to make more mistakes doing several tasks concurrently You use your time effectively when you reply an email while waiting for a response in your live chat @—®-®-® Q—®-®-fit How to Get Ready to Multitasking in Customer Service Multitasking is an unavoidable part of CSR job. Consider these 8 tips that will help you make it easier Prioritize high pay-off and low priority tasks Try grouping related tasks so that there are fewer transitions Get your workplace ready for multitasking Set specific time frames for your task completion Do not constantly switch between tasks Focus on improving your multitasking skills Don't handle more than 3 live chat sessions concurrently Take breaks to prevent your brain from overloading ®@®® @@@@ Powered by Provide Support Live Chat A www. ProvideSupport. com Aiming at excellence in customer service