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Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience (Infographic)


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This Infographic highlights the key findings from the Customers 2020 report to help you understand how your customers’ expectations will change by 2020 and how your business can adapt to those changes starting from now.

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Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience (Infographic)

  1. 1. WHAT WILL YOUR CUSTOMERS LOOK LIKE IN 2020? Customers will be more intelligent and informed Customers will have more options and will not be locked in Customers will dictate the experience WHAT WILL CUSTOMERS EXPECT Iii! 2020? 1, I11 4''’ . n_ I Il’iI 3' iii? ‘ i ll fl‘Ii 'i"I. " ’ 'i' ’ "i ii’ = "I *l'. ‘il‘| ’ ll Customers will expect companies to know their individual needs and personalize the 3;‘ f“ é experience it 3 l_[t| V ‘, / t / Immediate resolution will not be fast enough I . as customers will expect companies to ' “I proactively address their current and future needs With an explosion of communication methods, customers will expect to interact on their own terms WHAT MUST CHANGE? Companies must adapt customer leadership roles Companies must see customers more holistically Companies must provide access to robust customer intelligence Companies must recognize the shift in customer expectations Companies must use more information to anticipate needs ARE YOU MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION? HOW YOUR BUSINESS CAN ADAPT Make customer intelligence accessible throughout the business Leverage customer information to create a better experience Shift from reactive to proactive customer Deliver a more personalized ’é. .x“» . " . customer service service Invest in digital Implement effective communication customer engagement channels “‘ “' strategies », Move from solution , w ) Employ dedicated @ selling to insight selling ‘:4 3' customer experience to retain customers professionals Powered by Provide Support Live Chat Aiming at excellence in customer service Source: www. ProvideSupport. com Customers 2020 Report by Walker Information