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Ceo services


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Ceo services

  1. 1. Prototype Advertising Prototype Advertising Who We Are: Who We Are:We are a full-service advertising agency dedicated to growing andenhancing the brand awareness of our clients. Our specialtiesinclude:• Print Advertising• InBound Marketing• 3D Animation• Website Development• HD Video Production• Motion Graphics• Original Music Scoring• Marketing Consultation• and more!
  2. 2. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online• Establish Online Presence• Works Together with Current Growth Strategy Text on Online Investment• Helps to Ensure Profitable Return• Custom Plans Utilizing Expert Business Strategy Techniques
  3. 3. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Optimized Web Design, Structure and Browser Accessibility• SEO Copywriting to Deliver Highest Quality and Relevance• Constant Monitoring and Assessment to Insure ROI• Increases Search Engine Ranks for Predetermined Keywords• Ensures Your Business is More Visible Online• Drives Targeted Traffic To Your Website
  4. 4. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Business Blogging• Source For Relevant Content That Drives Traffic To Your Website• Effective Content That Drives Readers To Take Action• Builds Interest And Excitement About Your Products And Services• Complete Setup, Design And Implementation• Forging Relevant Blogger Relationships
  5. 5. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Social Media Marketing• Critical Element To Overall Online Strategy• Provides Opportunity To Engage In Dialog Customers• Targeted Marketing For Specific Campaigns• Content Development, Monitoring and Reporting
  6. 6. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Email Marketing• List Development Based Upon Target Demographic• Targeted Campaign Strategy And Promotion• Custom Template Design• Content Development and Click Through Analytics• Lead Acquisition And Conversion
  7. 7. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Email Auto-responder• Auto-response Content Development• Online Form Development And Integration• CRM Software Recommendations and Implementation• Immediate Client Engagement And Automated Follow-up• Lead Acquisition And Client Conversion
  8. 8. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Landing Page• Campaign Strategy and Implementation• Custom Web Development And Design• Social Media, Email Marketing and Blog Integration• Lead Acquisition Through Offer Or Incentives• QR Code and PURL Development
  9. 9. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Public Relations Marketing• Press Release Development And Deployment• Professional Content Relevant To News, Events and Promotions• Valuable Press Coverage• Online Reputation Management
  10. 10. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Reporting• Comprehensive Single View Reports• All Online Marketing Data In One Location• Monthly Review And Assessment• Ensures Effective Marketing Strategies
  11. 11. CEO Services Customer Engagement Online Basic Pro Ultimate SEO X X X Blogging X X Social Media X X Landing Page X X X Email Marketing X X XEmail Autoresponder X X X Reporting X X X