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Confidence presentation


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Confidence presentation

  1. 1. Confidence:Mental Strategies to Think Like a Champion Protex Sports Flash Seminar “A motto and philosophy I have really stressed is [SIC]: you’ve got to believe in yourself. Self confidence is without a doubt the first step to success”. ~ Tommy Lasorda, Baseball Manager, Hall of Fame John Ellsworth, MA Protex Sports
  2. 2. Two Types of Confidence The general belief in your ability as an athlete  Example: I am a solid tennis player and capable of competing at the next level. A specific belief in your ability to perform a task  Example: My cross court backhand is very one of my strongest weapons. “Our attitudes, belief systems, and thoughts create our reality” Gary Mack – Mind Gym
  3. 3. What is Confidence? When confidence is present:…you believe, and trust in your ability to execute a physical skill or perform a task. “Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.” - John Wooden
  4. 4. Critical Success Factors to a Confidence Foundation -Past Experience-How would you describe your past experiences with your sport? -Prior Success-Can you identify periods of previous success? -Write down on paper the 5 most recent success events
  5. 5. Three Sources of ConfidenceAthletes Acquire Confidence from: • Practice • From immediate past performance • What others say about our performance Which of these three pertains to you? Consistency is what counts. You have to do things over and over again. - Hank Aaron
  6. 6. Six Steps to Improve Self Confidence - Know what confidence is and what it is not. - Know where it comes from and how you lose it. - Know what is & what is not in your control. - Be aware of doubts that sabotage confidence. - Develop a “game plan” to counteract “doubt.” - Introduce mental strategies to boost confidence and eliminate doubt.
  7. 7. Taking Control of Confidence What Confidence is not!• Confidence is not… Doubt, Indecision, or Hesitation• Confidence is… Person-specific and Task-specific If there is doubt in your mind…how can your muscles know what they are expected to do? - Harvey Penick
  8. 8. Enemies of Confidence What Confidence is Not!!Four Categories of Self Limiting Beliefs 1. Doubt 2. Irrational or Unrealistic beliefs 3. Demands – Expectations - Perfectionism 4. Negative Self-Labels Beliefs drive behaviors and self-limiting beliefs lead to self-defeating behaviors. Believe in yourself and your abilities.
  9. 9. Five Elements to Build Strong Confidence 1. Recall the success you had in past similar situations. 2. Bring successful past strategies forward. 3. Recognize what else the current situation may require. 4. Focus positively on the required and desirable actions. 5. Trust in your physical and mental preparation.
  10. 10. Summary - Confidence is a General Belief in Your Ability- Self-Confidence Comes from Past Task Specific Success - Trust in Self Comes From Confidence & Momentum - Refute, Rebut, & Reframe Doubt - No Expectations - Set Achievable, Manageable, and Measurable Mini Performance Objectives - Believe You Can Succeed & You Will- Trust you Can Achieve & Nothing Will Get in your Way
  11. 11. The Confident Athlete Maintains a High Belief System in Physical Skills Confident Athletes See Themselves as Winners Confident Athletes Focus on Why They Will Succeed Confident Athletes Use Positive Self-Talk Confident Athletes Don’t Let Doubts Rule Confident Athletes are Proactive Confident Athletes Think, Feel, and Project Confidence Confident Athletes Use the Past to Feel Confident Now Confident Athletes Anticipate Success Confident Athletes Prepare Strategies or Game PlansConfident Athletes Anticipate Challenges & Prepare to Feel Confident Confident Athletes Have Patience Confident Athletes Don’t Pay Attention to Critics
  12. 12. Three Phases of Confidence DevelopmentFocusing on strengths & maintain confident thoughts – when challenged!Ability to identify roadblocks that hold back confidence. Incorporate Mental Game Tools to build confidence
  13. 13. What Makes the Confidence Flourish? • Inventory your “recent” success in practice & competition. • Make positive “affirmation” statements to yourself • Expect Nothing, but prepare for Everything! • Set Manageable, Achievable, and Measurable Mini goals or Performance Objectives The whole idea is to get an edge. Sometimes it takes just a little extra something to get that edge, but you have to have it. Ty Cobb
  14. 14. Six Levels of Confidence??1. I hope I can hit this shot…2. Maybe I can hit this shot…3. I think I can hit this shot…4. I believe I can hit this shot…5. I know I can hit this shot…6. I will hit this shot…