Proteus proprietary access to breakthrough technology (march 2012)f


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Proteus proprietary access to breakthrough technology (march 2012)f

  1. 1. Proteus Venture Partners’ Network Proprietary Access to Breakthrough TechnologyMarch 2012
  2. 2. Worldwide Coverage of the Regenerative Medicine Proteus Offices Scientific Advisors University Affiliations Conference Presentations Professional Organizations CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. The Proteus Network: 7 Major Components A deep network generates early access to breakthrough technology & innovation
  4. 4. Leveraging Key Opinion Leaders – US * * * * * * * * Core team or scientific advisory board member from these institutions
  5. 5. Leveraging Key Opinion Leaders – ROW * * * * Core team or scientific advisory board member from these institutions
  6. 6. Professional Organizations & Advocacy Groups * * * * * Core team or advisory board member part of these organizations
  7. 7. Conference Presentations / Publications 84 speaking engagements worldwide at leading academic and professional conferences over the past 3 years (core Proteus team) Core team and Advisors are peer reviewers in virtually all the major RM Journals: Biomaterials, Blood, Cell + Cell Stem Cell + Cloning and Stem Cells + JAMA + Journal of Biomedical Materials + Journal of Experimental Medicine + Journal of Orthopedic Research + Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine + Nature + Nature Biotechnology + Nature Medicine + Nature Reviews Drug Discover + NEJM + PLOS-Biology + PLOS-Medicine + PNAS + Regenerative Medicine + Science + Stem Cells and Development + Tissue Engineering Core team and advisors contributed directly to the following publications: Books Principles of Tissue Essentials of Stem Cell Handbook of Stem Cells Engineering Biology Stem Cells Now The Immortal Cell Stem Cells in Drug Discovery Stem Cells: Bench to Advances in Tissue Surfaces and Interfaces for Bedside, Engineering Biomaterials Reports Advance cell & Tissue Therapies - A mission to the US, Guidance on Standards on methods and regulation for cell-based therapeutics (British Standards Institute) Regenerative Medicine Terminology (British Standards Institute)
  8. 8. Leverage Deep Domain Expertise of Partners Cell Processing US & EU and CRO / CMO Jon Rowley, David Smith & Kim Warren Intellectual Property & Legal Vern Norviel, Patent Attorney Robert Preti, Stewart John Robinson, CEO Craig, Lee Buckler Chip Lion & David Riley: Fund Counsel Matt Vincent, Patent Attorney RM Specific James Lawford-Davies Consulting Steve Bengston Tom Keelin & Michael Reeds: Decision Analysis & Asset ValuationBarry Frankel & Devyn Smith: Life Science & RM Regulatory RM Business Consultants Advice Sofi Fexby, Pierre Maillet & John Watkins Shankar Seetharaman, CEO Peter Johnson Darin Weber: FDA & Regulatory Issues (CBER) CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. Leverage Venture Capital Relationships CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. Leverage Proteus’ Proprietary Databases Three Core Databases: RM Companies, Academic Research, IP
  11. 11. AppendicesDetails of Proteus’ Network of Relationships and Publications1. Academic & Research Organizations: US and ROW2. Professional Organizations & Advocacy Groups3. Funding and Regulatory Agencies4. Conference Presentations and Publications
  12. 12. Academic & Research Organizations: US – Team ContactsOrganization ContactBrown University Michael LysaghtBurnham Institute for Medical Research Evan SnyderChildren’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute Bertram LubinColumbia University Silviu ItescuDuke University Nelson Chao, Diane Kurtzberg, Bob TaberEmory University Edmund WallerHarvard University George Daley, Brock Reeves, David Scadden , Amy Wagers, Charles VacantiJohns Hopkins University Gary Brocker, Doug Kerr, Aristides Melissaratos, Jeff RothsteinMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Myron Spector, Lita Nelsen, Ioanis Yannas, Robert Langer, Fiona MurrayMcGowan Institute – UPMC Alan Russell, Eric LagasseMD Anderson Cancer Center Krishna Komanduri, Jeff MolldremMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Malcolm MooreStanford University Amato Giaccia, Geoffrey Gurtner, Michael Longaker, Irving WeissmanU of Texas: Texas Heart Institute Paul Simmons, Emerson Perin, James WillersonUC San Francisco Arnold Kriegstein, Yerem Yeghiazarian, Emmanuel PassagueUniversity of Florida-Gainesville Dennis SteindlerUniversity of Michigan Steve Feinberg, Wayne Harvey, Sean MorrisonUniversity of Pennsylvania George Cotsarelis,University of Washington Shelly Heimfeld, Don Thomas, Reiner Storb, Phil GreenbergUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison Jamie Thompson, Gabriela Cezar, Lynn Allen-HoffmannWake Forest University Anthony Atala
  13. 13. Academic & Research Organizations: ROW – Team ContactsOrganization Contact Organization ContactA*Star (Singapore) Alan Colman University College of London (UK) Chris MasonBabraham Institute (UK) Wolf Reik University of Cambridge (UK) Roger Pederson, Azim SuraniImperial College London (UK) Julia Polak University of Edinburgh (UK) Ian WilmutKings College London (UK) Stephen Minger University of Oxford (UK) Paul FairchildMonash University (Australia) Richard Boyd University of Southampton (UK) Richard OreffoThe University of Nottingham (UK) Kevin Shakesheff University of Toronto (Canada) Gordon Keller, Vince Tropepe Yair Reissner, Yoav Soen,The University of Sheffield (UK) Peter Andrews Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) Tzvi Lapidot
  14. 14. Professional Organizations & Advocacy GroupsOrganization Team Involvement Advisory Board, Finance Committee, Industry Committee, GlobalInternational Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) Forum (Organizer)International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) Commercialization CommitteeTissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Society International (TERMIS) Past President Working Relationship (Alan Lewis, Dick Ensel, Robert Goldstein, JuliaJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Greenstein, Peter Lomedico, Charlie Queenan)Harvard Stem Cell Institute Executive DirectorStem Cell Network (Canada) AdvisorUK National Stem Cell Network (UKNSCN) Founder, Steering CommitteeEast of England Stem Cell Network (UK) FounderLondon Regenerative Medicine Network (LRMN) (UK) Founder/CEO/TrusteeCentre of Excellence for Life Sciences – Newcastle (UK) AdvisorMinistry of Defence, Defence Society and Technology Laboratory (UK) AdvisorUK Department of Health – UK Stem Cell Initiative Consult/Contributor
  15. 15. Funding and Regulatory AgenciesAgency ContactsUSAFDA - CBER Donald Fink, Celia Witten, Steven BauerCalifornia Institute for Regenerative Medicine Alan Trounson, Robert KleinNational Institutes of Health Ron McKay, Jefferey BarkerUKMHRA (UK) Jeremy Tinkler, Chris Bravery Mike Low, Regenerative Medicine Standards CommitteeBritish Standards Institute (BSi) (PAS 83/84)LGC (formerly Laboratory of the Government Chemist) Julian Braybrook, Neil HarrisNational Physical Laboratory (NPL) Kamal Hossain, Mark Bailey, Markys Cain, Peter TomlinsUK Stem Cell Bank (Nat. Instit. for Biological Stds + Control [NIBSC]) Glyn Stacey, Charles Hunt, Lyn Healy
  16. 16. Conference PresentationsConference Year(s) Team InvolvementAmerican Society of Bone Marrow Transplantation (ASBMT) 2005-2008 Member, SpeakerAmerican Society of Hematology (ASH) 2005-2008 Member, SpeakerBIO International Convention 2007, 2008 SpeakerbioprocessUK Conference 2006 SpeakerBioproduction 2006 2006 Keynote speakerCambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC) Technology Ventures 2007 Panel MemberConferenceCommercial Translation for Regenerative Medicine 2007 Organizer, Keynote Speaker, Scientific Advisory Board + Meeting ChairCommercialisation of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Conference 2005 Conference Chairman, Scientific Advisory PanelCommercialization of Tissue Engineering and Cell Therapy 2006, 2007 Event Chair and adviserCongress of International Drug Discovery Science and Technology (IDDST) 2007 Scientific Advisory BoardESACT-UK Annual Meeting 2006 Session Chairman and organiserEU Marie Curie Conference 2007 Organising Committee 2006, 2007, Originator, Organizer, Keynote Speaker, Scientific Advisory Board +European Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Congress 2008 ChairmanEuroSciCon 2005 SpeakerGenesis Conference 2005 Session Chairman, Advisory PanelInternational Stem Cell Conference 2007 Speaker
  17. 17. Conference PresentationsConference Year(s) Team InvolvementISCT Annual Meeting 2007, 2008 SpeakerISSCR Annual Meeting 2007 SpeakerKellogg Business of Healthcare Conference 2008 SpeakerMedical Device Technology European Conference 2005 Guest speakerNational Stem Cell Conference (UK) 2005 SpeakerNetherlands Science & Technology Conference 2006 SpeakerPhacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy Forum 2008 SpeakerStem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Conference 2006, 2007 Speaker 2005, 2006,Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress Speaker 2007STEPS: Stem Cell Therapy as an Emerging Paradigm in Stroke 2007 KeynoteStrategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) 2007 Session ChairThe International Conference on Advanced Laser Technologies 2003 SpeakerThe Stem Cell Congress 2007, 2008 SpeakerTissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Society International (TERMIS) 2007 SpeakerWorld Congress on Regenerative Medicine 2007 Organizer, Keynote Speaker, Advisory Board, Session ChairWorld Stem Cell Summit 2007 Speaker
  18. 18. Conference PresentationsWorkshops/Symposia Year(s) Team InvolvementAdvanced Medical Technologies Enterprise Florida (eFlorida) Mission to UK 2006 Session ChairAnatomical Society of Great Britain & Ireland Summer Meeting 2007 SpeakerBA Festival of Science 2006 SpeakerBBSRC “The Cell Supply Chain Workshop” 2005 Conference co-organizer and Session ChairmanBIA Roundtable 2007 SpeakerBioIndustry Association (BIA) Regulatory Affairs Committee (RAAC) 2006 Session ChairbioLogic USA 2005 SpeakerBionanotechnology and Tissue Engineering Meeting 2003 SpeakerBIOS (Research Centre for the study of Bioscience, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and 2007 SpeakerSociety) Public DebateBrainy Brave New World public meeting 2007 Panel MemberBritish Standards Institute/Department of Trade and Industry Workshop 2005 Co-organizer and ChairmanBritish-Russian Workshop in association with the European Commission on Stem Cells 2007 Advisor, SpeakerCheltenham Science Festival 2007 Panel MemberCross Council Stem Cell Programme Grant-holder’s Workshop 2006 SpeakerDTI funded Global Watch Mission, “Advanced Cell & Tissue Therapies - a mission to the 2006 SpeakerUS”Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Stem Cell Programme 2007 SpeakerIChemE - Biochemical Engineering Subject Group 2006 SpeakerLondon Biotechnology Network Workshops 2006 Event Chairman and adviserLondon Technology Network Workshops 2007 Session ChairMcGowan Institute Retreat 2007 Speaker
  19. 19. Conference PresentationsWorkshops/Symposia Year(s) Team InvolvementMid-Atlantic Bio, Stem Cell Track 2007 SpeakerPresentation to National Physical Laboratories and LGC (Laboratory of the Government 2004 SpeakerChemist)Regenerative Medicine Workshop - UK-Medicon Valley Bioscience Collaboration 2007 Session ChairRolduc International Polymer Meeting (European Polymer Federation) 2003 Keynote speakerRoyal Institution of Great Britain, Friday Evening Discourse 2007 SpeakerSilicon Valley Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors 2008 Moderator & SpeakerStem Cell Manchester 2007 Speaker + panel memberStem Cell Roundtable, Science and Innovation 2007 SpeakerStem Cells for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine to Policy 2006 SpeakerStem Cells in Orthopaedics Meeting 2005 SpeakerSymposium in Stem Cell Repair and Regeneration 2006, 2007 Session Chair + Co-organizerThe 2007 Hunterian Lecture 2007 SpeakerThe Stem Cell Partnering Series 2008 SpeakerThe Stem Cell Summit 2007 SpeakerThe Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Diseases and the King’s College London Stem Cell 2005 SpeakerConsortiumTissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine Workshop 2004 SpeakerTissue Engineering Meeting, DTI Texas-UK Collaborative Bioscience Initiative 2005 PresenterUCL Lunch Hour Lecture 2007 SpeakerUK Focus for Biomedical Engineering Committee (hosted by the Royal Academy of 2007 SpeakerEngineering)University of Sydney/UCL Frontiers of Knowledge Symposium 2007 Speaker
  20. 20. PublicationsPublication Team and Advisors InvolvementRegenerative Medicine (Journal) Founder, EditorTissue Engineering (Journal) Editorial BoardPrinciples of Tissue Engineering, 2nd Edition (Lanza, et al.) Contributing EditorEssentials of Stem Cell Biology (Lanza, et al.) Contributing EditorHandbook of Stem Cells, Volumes 1 & 2 (Lanza, et al.) Contributing EditorStem Cells Now (C.T. Scott) AuthorThe Immortal Cell (M.D. West) AuthorThe Proteus Effect (A. Parsons) ContributorStem Cells: Bench to Bedside (Bongso & Lee) Contributing AuthorAdvanced cell & tissue therapies - A mission to the US (DTI Global Watch Mission Report) (C. Mason, et al.) Editor, Co-AuthorPAS 83 - Guidance on standards, standardised methods and regulation for cell-based therapeutics, from basic Co-Authorresearch to clinical application (British Standards Institute)Advances in Tissue Engineering (J. Polak, ed.) Contributing AuthorSurfaces and Interfaces for Biomaterials (P. Vadgama, ed.) Contributing AuthorStem Cells in Drug Discovery: Applications as Tools and Targets (C. Mason, et al.) Co-AuthorPAS 84 - Regenerative Medicine Terminology (British Standards Institute) Co-AuthorVarious Peer Reviewed Publications Including Cell, Science, PLoS and others
  21. 21. PublicationsScientific Journals – Peer Review Participation (Team and Advisors):Biomaterials Nature BiotechnologyBlood Nature MedicineCell Nature Reviews Drug DiscoveryCell Stem Cell New England Journal of MedicineCloning and Stem Cells PLOS-BiologyJAMA PLOS-MedicineJournal of Biomedical Materials PNASJournal of Experimental Medicine Regenerative MedicineJournal of Orthopedic Research ScienceJournal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Stem Cells and DevelopmentNature Tissue Engineering