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Logon Key


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ProteMac LogonKey presentations

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Logon Key

  1. 1. LogonKey
  2. 2. LogonKeysecures Mac OS X login with a USB Key
  3. 3. Some Mac OS X users choose simplepasswords that are easy to crack: 1234567Some users choose strong passwordgenerator: J896=84@ujs546H
  4. 4. Jenny has difficult password, shepermanently forgets it and asks theadministrator to help herSarah uses USB-Dongle as a key and hasno problems with the password
  5. 5. LogonKey is a powerful software foradvanced users and computeradministrators, who want to store alldata protected and have the ability tologin without any problems
  6. 6. LogonKey works for you when you areabsentLogonKey allows to exclude logonpassword breakingYou can easily logout from Mac -Logon Key locks access to Your MacYou do not need to rememberstrong difficult passwordsYou can work in the crowded place -nobody finds out your password
  7. 7. Nobody finds out Yourpassword for Mac logon evenif the camera is tracking you Your password security is guaranteed!
  8. 8. You just need to insertUSB Key Dongle to getaccess to Your Mac
  9. 9. After being logged in youare able to manage the keysfor users and setup ejectmodes for Your Mac
  10. 10. To lock Mac just unplug Key Keep your data in safety with LogonKey
  11. 11. For more information LogonKeyphone: +1 408 228 4945fax: +1 270 398 3202e-mail: