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Yuri lisovsky

  1. 1. Yuri Lisovsky is an inventor from Komi Republic
  2. 2. Yuri Lisovsky was born in Shepetovka, in Ukraine. In age of 14 he came to Komi Republic and stayed here forever. He was fascinated by the nature . Now he is the editor of the magazine “Art-lad”. He is the author of beautiful pictures with characters of Komi myths.
  3. 3. This a very creative man. He thinks about the origin of the universe. He created the symbol of the Republic.
  4. 4. He is known all over our Republic , within the country and overseas for his pictures and inventions.
  5. 5. The first invention appeared when Yuri was 11 years old. He wanted to eat the neighbor's gooseberry. He couldn`t touch them with his hand. The clever boy added a leather grip on the end of a long thin stick. With the help of this tool he began to carry berries trough the gaps of the fence. It was a very slow process, but he was glad to have the wit to do it.
  6. 6. He has many ideas and inventions. But only for 5 of them he has patents.
  7. 7. Patent № 2225798 Fundamentally different design of the machine, it does not change its appearance. All beauty is placed in a sort of «basin»-capsule. In the case of collision due to the repayment of the inertial motion of the body and the output of the engine under the bottom to help protect the occupants in the car people.
  8. 8. Patent № 2232114 A unit for fastening lids of tin cans It is made of polymer and is much cheaper than the usual metal rivets- key.
  9. 9. Patent № 2261637 Bottle for liquid soap composition A simple oval case looking very similar to a piece of soap, round holes on both sides and a roller inside, as from the ball deodorant.
  10. 10. Patent № 2259172 Bandage for nonsurgical bringing the wound edges by cut Usual plaster fix at one and the other side of the wound. It would be sewn not a leather but a fabric plaster. After 4-5 days from the cut is not a trace to remain.
  11. 11. Patent № 56836 Thing in order to receive an amount of pulverized substance.
  12. 12. Yuri Lisovsky created a charm that can hang on the neck. This charm can save the man when he is drowning. One can press a little button and a big saving-pillow will came out of it.
  13. 13. Yuri `s friends ,who lived in a village, begged: «Save us from cow-parsnip!» He began to study the literature about this annoying plant and understood: it can`t grow without light. So he decided to cover the plant with a dark material. In one season he wiped it out.
  14. 14. What a pity! The creative man can`t put his inventions into practice. It is very difficult to do and take a long time.
  15. 15. Author: Bulysheva Ilona, 11th form, R.G.Karmanov-school, Komi Republic, Ust-Kulomsky area, village Ust-Nem. Teacher: Ignatova Nadezhda Yur`evna