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The president’s new year speech


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Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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The president’s new year speech

  1. 1. The President’s New Year speech Vasileva Anastasia Kyarimova Malika 8a School #2097 Moscow
  2. 2. The President’s New year speech is an old tradition. The Russian President wishes all the best to the citizens. And then the Kremlin chimes strike. A New Year starts.
  3. 3. The tradition of listening to the President’s New Year speech is followed by most people in Russia. Almost every family listens to him. All members of the family gather around the table. They think of wishes and when the Kremlin chimes strike, they touch their glasses and drink their beverages.
  4. 4. The tradition of listening to the President’s speech was offered in XX century. At first not every family listened to the President because not every family had a TV-set or a radio in their flat. But now it is easy to watch TV. And people can watch and listen to the President’s speech, if they want of course…
  5. 5. The President’s New Year speech is associated with the Kremlin and the Spasskaya tower. Every year we see our President on this background. Every year starts with the President’s speech. Every year we listen to him. It is a tradition.
  6. 6. After the President’s speech the members of the family exchange their gifts. It is also a tradition. They present gifts to show that a new year starts. They say, that on 1 January every person can start a new life. And these presents are things of a new life.
  7. 7. The celebrating of the New Year on 1 January includes a party with a tasty dinner and watching TV. Of course people see the President and listen to his speech on the TV. He always says his speech at midnight on the first canal. People turn on their TV ten minutes before New Year. And then they start to celebrate New Year.
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention)