Our ideal welfare state


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Our ideal welfare state

  1. 1. Savinkova. E Tkachenko .N Kuznetsova. A Latyshova. E 11th fom Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение «Лицей №1» п. Тюльган Оренбургской области Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact. James 2013 PROJECT
  2. 2. Hypothesis: The Welfare State can be the Ideal state if there will be a system of ensuring the welfare of its citizens by means of free financial social services provided by the state and by the main principles of the system of Social Welfare like eligibility, justice and permanence. Aim: To find out what should be done to make the Welfare state ideal.
  3. 3. Our Ideal Welfare State 1.The Ideal Department of Employment is a bank of vacancies for the unemployed; it provides benefits for the unemployed – who is out of work; the unemployed get monthly benefits 2. The Best Maternity Payment is provided benefits for women who leave work to have baby; provides ideal living conditions for all young families; provides opportunities to live where they want; provides free education and scholarship for families with 3 children
  4. 4. 3.The Best Medical Care is public and free; provides free mobility allowance for the disabled; provides benefits for long-term and short-term sick people free emergency help. 4. The Worthy Retirement Pension 1.provides pensioners with regular benefit ( men – 60 years old; women – 55 years old); 2. is entitled to the disabled pensioners; 3. provides the elderly with an income that allows them to live some degree of dignity. 5. Free education and scholarship for families with 3 children.
  5. 5. Categories of citizens entitled to the benefits The retired The unemployed The widowed Sick people Disabled State pension Family credit widow’s pension Free medicine Invalidity pension Government Government Government Government Government Local Authoritis Local Authoritis
  6. 6. What is Our Ideal State?  Public health care;  Central organization of the health care system;  The quality of the health care system;  Compulsory medical insurance;  Free of charge treatment;  National Insurance benefits;  Invalidity pensions;  Social security benefits;  A Wealthy Maternity pay;  A wide range of payments for the young families;  A wealthy child benefit;  A wealthy Family credit;  Widow’s pension;  Mobility allowance;  A significant increase in optimism in the public mood.
  7. 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYGsS2rv0q8 What are the main advantages of this Ideal State? Look at the video and answer this question Everything comes to him who waits
  8. 8. The Declaration of the Ideal Welfare State • The Welfare State provides each citizen with the best conditions for life. • There are no unemployed people in our country. The Department of Employment is closed. • The problem of the demography policy is solved. • Every family has their own comfortable place to live. • Every family has a private physician and the best treatment. • The maternity payment is 1 million. • All benefits are available to different categories of people in Russia, the country of real welfare state. • The Ideal Welfare State gives the chance to each citizen of the maximum self-realization within an existing order.
  9. 9. Использованные ресурсы • Фон презентации • http://pedsovet.su/_ld/346/48368553.jpg • Высказывание на 1 слайде • http://www.sayings- inspirational.com/quote/believe-life-worth- living-your-93 • Цитата слайда № 7 • http://aphorisms_en_ru.academic.ru/915/Every thing_comes_to_him_who_waits.