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My flat


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My flat

  1. 1. by CheresovVsevolodthe 6thgradeConsultant:Fenicheva N.I.Belogorsk 2012school № 3My flat
  2. 2. I live in Belogorsk, in a quietarea, not far from my schooland the town park.Our flat is comfortable, lightand modern. It is a three -roomed flat. There is a livingroom, a bedroom, a kitchenand a study. We have all themodern conveniences: thecentral heating and runningwater.The home is the nicest place,where I live with my family,spend a lot of time and have arest.
  3. 3. Our living room is cosy. It is not very big,and it is not very small. There is a bigcolourful carpet on the floor and there aregreen curtains on the window. There is awall unit, a comfortable sofa and twoarmchairs in the living room. There is ashelf on the wall. There are many books onthe shelf. I am fond of reading. And there isa nice picture on the wall. It is above thelittle round table.
  4. 4. I have got my own room.There is a bed in the rightcorner,a wardrobe, two desksand a chair in my room.There is a computeron the table. I am fond ofmusic, that is why thereare a lot of musical discsto the right of thecomputer. I like to playcomputer game with myfather
  5. 5. There is a table in the middle of the kitchen. The table is verycomfortable. There is a cooker, a cupboard and three chairs in thekitchen. I help my mother every day. It is not difficult to wash the dishesand to do the washing. I am quite happy to live there.