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Kalinov most


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Kalinov most

  1. 1. “Kalinov most” is a popular rock-group in Russia. It is a music group, which was founded in Novosibirsk in 1984. They play rock, Christian rock and Blues.
  2. 2. The members of the group to day: Dmitry Revyakin – acoustic guitar and vocal, Viktor Chaplygin – drums, percussion, Konstantin Kovachev – guitar, Andrei Baslyk – bass-guitar,
  3. 3. Kalinov most (1986) Zavoroten (1991) Vyvoroten (1991) Rainfall Live (1994) Weapon (1996) Melodies of bare branches (1997) Volnitsa (1997) Submit to spring (1997) Native (1998) Jerusalem (2000) Katun (2000) SWA (2006) Heart (2009) Yuskhato (2010) Golden oatmeal (2011)
  4. 4. He is a musician, a poet, a composer. Dmitry was born on 13February ,1964 in Novosibirsk, USSR. He spent his childhood in Zabaikalye, in my town Pervomaisky.
  5. 5. Vladimir Rasputin is an official designer of the band's albums "Kalinov Most".
  6. 6. His little Motherland is Pervomaisky, too. Vladimir and Dmitry have been friends since their childhood. They even went to the same school.
  7. 7. “Kalinov most” – is a"legend of Russian rock"
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