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PCC Essential Information Card


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PCC Essential Information Card

  1. 1. 6 space space Just the fActs, MAn What is Prostate cancer? RIsK The prostate has three functions. It pro- fA c tO R s space duces fluid for semen, which helps move Prostate cancer is the sperm during orgasm; it makes prostate Age: A man’s risk of prostate cancer increases most common cancer specific antigen (PSA), a protein; and it quickly after age 50. However, 80% of all cases space space to afflict Canadian men. helps to control the flow of urine. are diagnosed in men over age 65.About Prostate cancer occurs when cells in the Diet: Men who eat a high-fat, low-fibre dietProstate Cancer Canada is the only 1 in 6 men will be diagnosed prostate start to grow uncontrollably. In have a higher rate of developing prostate can- space general, men with prostate cancer have cer. Saturated fat increases the testosteronenational foundation dedicated to the with the disease during his that may encourage cancer cell growth. several small tumours in the prostate.elimination of prostate cancer through lifetime.research, education, support and environment: Certain occupations present aawareness. Over 90% of prostate cancer In most cases, prostate tumours grow slowly, and it usually takes years for higher risk. Agriculture work is linked to a 40% risk increase due to cancer-causing carcino- EssEntialVision cases are curable if detected and tumours to become large enough to be detectable, and even longer for gens found in some insecticides. informationTo be a global leader in the fight against treated in their earliest stages. them to spread out of the prostate. family history: Ten to 15% of men withprostate cancer, earning the enthusiasm However, a small number of men have prostate cancer have a family history of theand support of Canadians through integ- aggressive prostate cancers that grow disease. The more first-degree relatives (father,rity, compassion and innovation. Those with a family history of and spread quickly. brother) with the disease, the greater the risk. the disease or those of African ethnicity: Risk increases for some ethnicities.Mission or Caribbean descent are at a If left untreated, prostate cancer cells The disease is 65% more common among menTo raise funds for the development greater risk of getting can spread to other parts of the body and produce secondary tumours (me- of African or Caribbean descent (vs. Caucasianof programs related to awareness, prostate cancer. - American men). Diet, genetics and lack ofpublic education, advocacy, support of tastases). At this point, the chances of vitamin D may play roles in these differences.those affected, and research into the a cure are much lower. Prostate cancerprevention, detection, treatment and can spread to any part of the body but Weight: Overweight men are at higher risk. Prostate cancer is turning up common areas include bones and Obese men are 2.5 times more likely to die ofcure of prostate cancer. in men in their 40s. lymph nodes. prostate cancer than men of the same age and the same stage of cancer that are of average weight.
  2. 2. steps You can take, Windsor Knot half Windsor Knot 4-in-hand Knotstarting today 1 2 1 2 1 2Early screening, diagnosis and treatment Start with wide Cross wide end Start with wide Cross wide Start with wide Cross wide end end of tie on over narrow end of tie on end over end of tie on over narrowcan quickly improve the long-term progno- your right and and bring up your right and narrow and your right and and turn backsis of prostate cancer. extending a through loop. extending a turn back extending a underneath. foot below foot below underneath. foot below narrow end. narrow end. narrow end.Prostate cancer has no symptoms in itsearliest stages, so all men should talkto their doctors about a prostate exam,including a digital rectal exam.Men age 40 should get a prostate specificantigen (PSA) blood test to establish a 3 4 3 4 3 4baseline PSA value, repeating the test Bring wide Then put down Bring up and Pass wide end Continue Pass wide end end down, through loop turn down around front around passing up throughevery 5 years until age 50. around behind and around through loop. from left to wide end across loop. narrow, and across as right. front of narrow up on your shown. once more.Men at higher risk (those with a family his- right.tory and/or those of African or Caribbeandescent) should start annual PSA testingat age 40.Men age 50 and above should have an- 5 6 5 6 5 6nual or semi-annual PSA monitoring. Turn and Complete by Then up through And down Holding front of Remove finger pass through slipping down loop. through the knot loose with and tighten 2 Lombard Street, 3rd Floor loop. through the knot in front. index finger, knot carefully. Toronto, Ontario M5C 1M1For more information, please visit knot in front. Tighten care- pass wide end Draw up tight Canada Tighten and fully and draw down through to collar draw up snug up to collar. loop in front. holding narrow to collar. end and sliding knot up snug. Tel 416 441 2131 Toll-free 1 888 255 0333 Fax 416 441 2325