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How signage connects brand to your customers


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Presentation addresses how signage can be used to connect with customers in a meaningful and engaging way; it was given at NRF's 100th Annual Convention.

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How signage connects brand to your customers

  1. 1. Where they look, what they see:How signage connects brand toyour customersRich Gottwald, ISAAndres Nicholls, ProphetChris Borek, Target
  2. 2. Good afternoon…
  3. 3. Why have a sign?•!One additional on-premise sign increased annual sales by 4.75%•!A new sign added on a previously blank side of a building increased sales anywhere between 2.5% and 7.1%•!People usually learn from a business by their signs (44%) and then worth of mouth (38%)•!Without signs, the estimated loss of business would be 35%
  4. 4. Evolution of signage
  5. 5. Interactive technologies
  6. 6. Interactive technologies
  7. 7. Technology and regulation
  8. 8. How to make our signs work harder?
  9. 9. When we think about signage,We always need to start with the brand
  10. 10. Understanding that brand is not a logo,advertising, sponsorship, PR efforts ormarketing work
  11. 11. Brand is the sum of all information abouta product, service, or company that isconveyed through communications andexperience…creating an associative andemotional relationship between thatentity and its customers
  12. 12. brand is what you feel about a company Photography: ELMGREEN & DRAGSET!
  13. 13. brand is what adds value to a product .65¢! $2.65!
  14. 14. … and signage is a key touchpoint tocommunicate specific messages to ourcustomers through the lens of thebrand: inspiration, emotion, price,assortment, information, promotion
  15. 15. Convenient, easy, quick … french fries!!
  16. 16. Design, innovation, easy, quality… cool
  17. 17. Affordable, modern, bold… home
  18. 18. Opportunity, bargain… house training ! Really???
  19. 19. How do retailers use signage to createbrands that shift demand, particularly whentheir category is becoming commoditized?
  20. 20. How have these and other brands haveavoided the parity trap?
  21. 21. …by focusing fanatically on their customers
  22. 22. … customers that will make them successful,they become “brand centric”. Brandbecomes the key filter through which alldecisions are made regarding signage
  23. 23. We believe that this is what is required forcompanies to develop truly successful brands
  24. 24. The challenge
  25. 25. Store experience is the key differentiator…and signage is a critical component
  26. 26. We use signage as a navigation, promotion,aspiration and education tool. We leveragesignage to…
  27. 27. We leverage signage to regionalize messaging…regionalize message…and reinvent categories!
  28. 28. …and reinvent categories
  29. 29. …and reinvent categories
  30. 30. We use signage to learn about guestbehaviors, promote multi-channel approach…
  31. 31. … and build excitement around openings,generating buzz and brand presence
  32. 32. The BIG question about signage: does digitalsignage work?
  33. 33. We think so…
  34. 34. … it is dynamic, flexible, quick to refresh,integrates well into the environment andit is measurable. It help us to promote,educate, entertain and showcase our brand
  35. 35. … as we said at the beginning of thispresentation, done well, signage doesconnect your brand to your customers in ameaningful and engaging way
  36. 36. Questions ?
  37. 37. Thank you