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Retirement planning solutions == how to retire early


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Confused by the variety of retirement options? Want to retire early? Want to retire abroad? You’ll find all the answers at Retirement Planning Solutions (for UK and overseas)...

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Retirement planning solutions == how to retire early

  1. 1. • It is never too early to be thinking aboutretirement planning...• earlier the better!• increasing life expectancies• retirement is now much longer than ever
  2. 2. • a state pension is unlikely to see you throughretirement• people are living longer• this will drain state pension funds• who knows what will be left when you retire?
  3. 3. • Dont fancy retiring in your 70s or 80s?• retirement ages increasing from 60 for womento 65 for both men and women• government plans to scale these up for both menand women to 68• for younger generations this could increase to70 and beyond
  4. 4. • If you start planning now you could retire early!• who should think about retirement planning?• anyone of working age who can commitresources• the earlier you invest, the longer it will have togrow
  5. 5. Questions you may have:• At what age will I be able to retire?• Will I be able to afford to retire?• What sort of income will I have when I retire?• How can I increase my pension?• How much tax will I pay in retirement?• I know my pension fund is worth £x, but what will thattranslate to in monthly income?
  6. 6. • Fancy retiring in the sun?• maybe Spain, Australia or Canada?• what tax issues do you need to think about?• better to take your investments with you orleave some in UK?
  7. 7. • Want to make your investments work harder?• stocks, shares, ISAs, financial assets• did you know these can be made more income-efficient?
  8. 8. Summary• you are responsible for your financial security• plan proactively• complement the unpredictable state pension
  9. 9. Visit now toclaim your FREE consultation with top retirement expert Michael Garvie!