Propeller SDK Deck for SEGA


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You have a great game, so why not let players invite their friends for a little competitive fun? With an easy and blazing fast challenge mechanism, players can test their skills against their friends or quickly jump into a game with matchmaking. And with customizable screens, you never have to worry about retaining your game's unique look and feel.

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Propeller SDK Deck for SEGA

  1. 1. Tournaments and Social Features for Game Developers, by Game Developers Brought to you by
  2. 2. We Make It Easy For game developers to concentrate on making great games while we handle backend infrastructure, server code, and social hooks. VS! CHALLENGES We lower user in a box, and social integration creating more downloads acquisition costthrough amazing game features TOURNAMENTS tap into competitive nature of FREE SERVERS that add to the gamers more stickiness user experience $ REVENUE SHARING Opportunity to (Additional Revenue Stream) Do GooD!
  3. 3. User Experience 1- Game Lobby 2 - Multiplayer Capability3 - Challenge Notifications 4 - Challenge Setup 5 - Challenge Summary
  4. 4. Tournament User Experience1 - Sponsored Tournament Listing 2 - Tournament Registration3 - Sponsored Tournament Lobby 4 - Tournament Leaderboards 5 - Challenge Setup 6 - Challenge Summary
  5. 5. Tournament User Experience (cont.)7 - Tournament Leaderboards 8 - Sponsored Survey Questions 9 - Sponsored Rewards
  6. 6. Multiplayer and Social IntegrationGet multiplayer, server space and social integration features all for free. We bring you the “with friends” that made Zynga games viral. CHALLENGES SOCIAL INTEGRATION Turn your single player experience Creates the most powerful free App into a fun viral tool extending life of Discovery mechanism game. Empower your users to drive downloads for you and make their experience more fun TOURNAMENTS Host Events on your game that will re- engage old users and drive new downloads
  7. 7. Easy Integration! We will keep adding awesome features and you will never have to write another line of code! QUICK INTEGRATION NO HASSLE UPDATESOur SDK takes less than one hour to We can update the SDK without youintegrate and is three lines of code ever having to resubmit BANDWIDTH & SCALING QAWe manage and pay for servers and We sanity test for you traffic
  8. 8. We Keep the Artistic Integrity of Your Game At Grantoo we believe in providing the best features and user experience to games WHITE LABELED SCREENS & BUTTONS Our SDK is not branded and allows you to keep your user in your experience1 - Customizable Menu Button 2 - Upload you background to our screens 3 - Works with existing gameplay
  9. 9. Opportunity to Do GooD! Hosting Grantoo Tournaments is the perfect way to build brand equity & set your game apart PRHOSTING A UNIQUE COMPETITIVE EVENT GET AMAZING PRWill attract users and generate new downloads as Grantoo’s story is one that the press loves. We have players will be incentivized to invite friends been in over 20 news articles. Being a first partner will generate amazing press for you 75% ENABLE PLAYERS TO WIN $, OF SHOPPERSHELP THEIR LOVED ONES AND CHARITIES who have read a company’s social responsibilityThese tournaments help players win tuition grants agenda say it has made them more likely to and donations to charities adding extra real purchase that company’s productsincentives to play your game. Players will feel goodabout playing your game and keep coming back as they can keep winning
  10. 10. Revenue Sharing Grantoo Tournaments are an amazing and lucrative additional revenue stream DAU % ENTRY MONTHLY REVENUE100,000 10 % $15,000 Make an additional $0.05 per user per tournament registration We don’t interfere with your current revenue streams Supports freemium & premium business models
  11. 11. Next Steps 1 2 Apply to Propeller SDK - Invite Only for Test & Launch high quality aps Read Documentation & Download SDK Complete integration with support from your Grantoo Engineer Upon testing and approval submit to App Store