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Promwad Company Services En


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Presentation of main company's services.

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Promwad Company Services En

  1. 1. Promwad Innovation Company Design Center © 2004 – 2009 г.
  2. 2. Contents Contents About us Our services Industries Case studies Technologies Partners 2 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  3. 3. About us Our activities About us Services The company is focused on providing services in contract electronics development and embedded system design. We provide services to unaffiliated companies to implement their ideas Platform based development We design OEM products as building blocks for developing and manufacturing new products by our clients on their basis. These products speed up the development process and reduce its costs Full cycle of device development The services we offer are combined into a full cycle of electronic device development. We continually update the list of our services according to the market demands which allows us to implement a project from an idea to a working model with further possibility of serial production 3 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  4. 4. Services Overview Services Full cycle of electronic device development Embedded systems hardware development Embedded software development Device interface and industrial design Manufacture maintenance Technical consulting 4 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  5. 5. Services Product development Services Concept development Client’s business idea acquires with our help real shapes: technical implementation, design drafts, project timeline and costs Hardware platform selection and development We help our clients to select optimal hardware platform for their device and our specialists will develop it with application of electronic components by world’s industry leaders Software development Our engineers develop both additional and embedded software for a product. They can port applications and operating systems to a target hardware platform Industrial design We provide modern and ergonomic design Manufacturing preparation and maintenance Our team manufactures “pilot” product models. We also prepare product documentation and maintain serial production 5 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  6. 6. Services Hardware development Services “Turn-key” development of digital and digital- analog devices Schematic and PCB layout design Development of devices based on SoC/CSoC technologies Custom OEM-module development Firmware development for microcontrollers and microprocessors CPLD/FPGA design, VHDL programming, IP core development Redesign of legacy equipment 6 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  7. 7. Services Embedded software development Services Software development for embedded systems Software development for mobile devices Development of board support packages (BSP) and device drivers Adaptation and porting of Linux OS to different hardware platforms Development of real-time applications Implementation of industrial protocols Graphical user interface design 7 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  8. 8. Services Industrial design Services Pre-project investigations Selection of device style concept Design verification, 2D and 3D design drafting Interface, controls and ergonomics verification Integration with a graphical user interface Device modelling: development of mathematical models, engineering design of blocks and mechanisms Prototype manufacturing Production maintenance 8 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  9. 9. Technologies Operating systems Hardware platforms – UNIX-like – ARM Technologies – Linux, NetBSD – XScale – eCos, RTAI – x86 – Embedded Linux, ucLinux – MIPS – PowerPC Platforms and programming languages Interfaces – C, C++ – USB Host/Client/OTG – Java, Eclipse – Ethernet – PhP, Perl – LCD TFT/STN – Ruby, Python – Flash Cards (CF/MMC/SD) – Tcl/Tk – PCMCIA, PCI, ISA, VME – SSP/SPI/uWire, UARTs Cross-platform libraries – CAN – Qt/Qt-Embedded – wxWidgets Wireless interfaces – GTK – IrDA, Bluetooth – ACE – WiFi (IEEE 802.11), ZigBee – SDL – GSM/GPRS 9 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  10. 10. Industry Security systems Projects Completed Projects • Architectural solution of access control security system • Equipment server • Access controller • Voice notification and fire alarm system Skills and knowledge • Knowledge domain and normative documents • Multi-level architecture • Work with video- and audio content • System integrity control methods 10 Email: © 2004 — 2009 Promwad Innovation Company
  11. 11. Contact information Address Promwad Innovation Company 22, Olshevskogo St. Minsk, 220073, Republic of Belarus Phone +375 17 312-1246 Email Web site