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Info Flow Analysis for Agile Software Development


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This flowchart represents the flow of information for each category of data for a company preparing for the next stage of its document management software's development (using the Agile process). See for more details.

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Info Flow Analysis for Agile Software Development

  1. 1. CORPORATE FINANCE DEPARTMENT – INFORMATION FLOW (mid-state) Page 1 of 4 Julie collects all 2/x month Rob Rob pays the Julie attaches COMPANY company invoices Julie opens Julie places opens A/P file invoices through check stub to Julie scans paid INVOICE invoices and enters invoices into Rob’s company invoice via postal mail or folder to pay QB and hands stub invoice and mails info into QB A/P file folder into xxxx email invoices to Julie payment Julie sends If there’s an error, The SA Mgr If there are no TRACKING/ Rob reconciles the Julie sends the Julie keeps a Julie ensures that Tracking/Monitoring Rob asks Julie to fill determines whether invoice errors, then MONITORING vendor’s invoice discrepancy report manual log of all credits are applied vendor invoices to out a discrepancy to pay invoice or Julie gives invoice VENDOR INVOICE against PIN to the SA Mgr. credits to next invoice SPECIAL APP Rob report request a credit to Rob for pmt INVOICE Julie collects non- 2/x month Rob Rob pays the Julie attaches Julie opens Julie places ALL OTHER PT Tracking vendor SA opens A/P file invoices through check stub to Julie scans paid SA invoices and enters invoices into Rob’s INVOICES invoices via postal folder to pay QB and hands stub invoice and mails invoice into xxxx info into QB A/P file folder mail or email invoices to Julie payment Julie enters info Ops. Mgrs. Ops. Mgrs. send Directors send the Julie assigns Julie collects all cc Julie sends email to Supervisors Rob receives cc CREDIT CARD into QB as complete expense expense reports to expense reports proper expense statements via each Ops. Mgr. forward expense statement to pay & STATEMENT miscellaneous reports by hand & their Supervisors to Julie and type to previous QB postal mail regarding their total reports to Directors issues check expenses attach receipts for approval copies to Li entries Directors & Ops. Directors & Ops. COMPANY Directors & Ops. Mgrs. save receipts Mgrs. complete Mgrs make copies EXPENSE from cc purchases expense reports by of receipts REPORTS and record mileage hand SPECIAL APP Directors & Ops. Directors & Ops. Directors & Ops. Mgrs. save receipts Mgrs. complete EXPENSE from cc purchases expense reports by Mgrs make copies REPORTS of receipts and record mileage hand BUSINESS CPA downloads CPA exports all CPA reviews the CPA emails the Rob saves the full Requires naming OVERVIEW Budget Overview data to MS Excel, CPA emails the full Corporate QB acct appropriate report report to the convention for REPORT Report from each of making necessary report to Rob and Li scanning into xxxx monthly to each office lead company network the 10 locations adjustments ANNUAL Every Dec., the Rob reviews Upon approval, CPA emails the Rob communicates Requires naming CPA prepares a forecast and enters Rob finalizes BUDGET budget forecast for forecast to Rob budget into changes that need budget adjustments convention for REPORT and Li to be made to CPA scanning into xxxx the next year corporate QB file in QB Work Performed by: Alicia Butler Pierre @EfficiencyEngr Rob receives the Rob reconciles the Corporate money stmts. against QB, Rob resolves any Rob files the Requires naming Project Scope provided at: www.aliciabutlerpierre.comRECONCILIATION market & checking looking for potential corporate convention for Disclaimer: this flowchart has certain omissions in order to discrepancies statements scanning into xxxx account stmts. discrepancies protect the confidentiality of the client
  2. 2. ESCROW FINANCE DEPARTMENT – INFORMATION FLOW (mid-state) Page 2 of 4 DAILY Accounting If not in balance, FINANCIAL Technician (AT) AT keeps a copy of Sara ensures that Sara troubleshoots AT boxes and Requires naming REPORTS the PIN report in a each location is in stores all monthly convention for balances PIN & QB in PIN until problem scanning into xxxx monthly file balance daily files @ end of year (PIN & QB) reports daily is resolved CREDIT CARD Rob & Sara receive Julie verifies that Julie gives AT go- MERCHANT Sara emails report daily reports on pmts posted ahead to post pmts REPORTS to Julie pmts posted for SA correctly into PIN MONTHLY Heads of Locations Heads of Locations Original copies are Sara creates the Heads of Locations Sara prints each generate monthly email copies of SR filed in each office Financial Report SUPERVISION make necessary offices’ QB P&L to Supervision Report to Sara & attach a and archived at (FR) using each REPORT adjustments to SR reconcile SR & FR (SR) in PIN checklist year-end offices’ PIN Sara saves reports Sara creates the Li The Li Report The Li Report Requires naming to the network, Report from the segments info into binders are stored convention for Li REPORT prints hardcopy & scanning into xxxx combined SR & FR 10 different reports indefinitely files in binder Sara generates Rob reviews all COURT Sara prints all CRs Courts receive Court Reports (CR) CRs and attaches a and submits to Rob respective reports REPORTS monthly, quarterly, for review separate cover via postal mail or both in PIN letter to each court The CPA firm Rob arranges w/ CPA firm conducts Sara gathers and The audit report is Rob forwards the Rob files the audit Requires naming selects a random Head of Location to audit of selected QUARTERLY mails the last 3 mo. sent to Rob via report to Li for report for the convention for list of offenders & pull selected files onsite and scanning into xxxx Rob and Li are corporate email review specific location EXTERNAL notified of quarterly emails to Rob offenders files compiles a report AUDITS or annual audit by The CPA firm The CPA firm also Rob receives Rob verifies info in Rob retains a Rob sends a copy Requires naming acct firm creates an Escrow creates individual copies of all court the CPA’s court hardcopy of all CPA ANNUAL of all June 30 bank convention for Report for entire reports for a few of reports from CPA reports and mails to court reports scanning into xxxx stmts to CPA firm company the courts firm respective courts indefinitely BANK Rob receives all Requires naming bank statements convention for STATEMENT via postal mail scanning into xxxx Work Performed by: Alicia Butler Pierre @EfficiencyEngr Heads of Locations Li emails IRs to Incentive monies Project Scope provided at: INCENTIVE create monthly The IRs are sent to Rob for inclusion Rob adds info from are distributed Disclaimer: this flowchart has certain omissions in order to REPORTS Incentive Reports Li for review into xxxx the IR to xxxx quarterly protect the confidentiality of the client (IR)
  3. 3. HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT – INFORMATION FLOW (mid-state) Page 3 of 4 Once potential new Rob scans & Rob prints new hire Heads of Location Heads of Location Julie verifies forms PERSONNEL A temporary paper hire’s background uploads all info in forms in Forms Rob manages complete the new retain original new are complete, FILE file is kept on those forms that check is cleared, temporary paper Database to new hire forms & send hire forms in staff scans, and uploads potential new hire require notarization scan into xxxx file into xxxx hire’s location copies to Rob file into xxxx Employees submit Each employee’s Rob places the Julie adjusts sick/ MONTHLY Employees must The Leave Request to Supervisor, Once approved, superior prints The Leave Reports Report (for non- vacation time in EZ Julie places LeaveLEAVE REPORT request time off by Form is found in the employee reflects Report in salaried Supvsr to Director, Leave Reports from are mailed to Rob salary personnel) Labor for salaried 5th day of month Forms Database time off in EZ Labor employee’s file Director to CEO EZ Labor into employee’s file employees Employees who Employee prints EZ Employee submits Employee’s The timesheet is Rob receives MANUAL forget to fill out EZ Labor Adjustment to Supervisor, superior makes printed from EZ notification of TIMESHEETS Labor, fill out Form and fills out Supvsr to Director, corrections in EZ Labor & uploaded manual timesheet manual timesheets manually Director to CEO Labor into xxxx upload Supervisors conduct employee performance (EPE) The Director The Supervisor Supervisor retains Rob places the Supervisors submitPERFORMANCE evaluation on Dec.1 reviews and sends reviews the EPE copy of EPE to original EPE in EPEs to the the EPEs back to with employee & place in file & mails respectiveEVALUATIONS Supervisors Director the Supervisor gets signature original to Rob personnel file conduct checkup evaluations on Apr. 1 & Aug. 1 ANNUAL Supervisor fills out Some employee Supervisor retains Rob places the The Director separate Salary bonuses are copy of salary original salary SALARY Review form to awarded without an approves the salary increase & mails increase in REVIEW increase attach to EPE EPE original to Rob employee’s file MONTHLY Each employee The TAR form is Employee sends to Heads of Location Renee places each TRAINING/ submits a monthly downloaded from his/her superior for collect all TARs and TAR in respective Renee enters the ACTIVITY TAR info into the Training/Activity the Forms approval & mail to Renee in employee’s file in Training Database REPORT Report (TAR) Database signature Quality Control her department EMPLOYEE Some of the new Julie then sends hire forms, once the forms to ReneeREGISTRATION processed, are sent for inclusion in her FILE to Julie employee files Work Performed by: Alicia Butler Pierre @EfficiencyEngr Project Scope provided at: Disclaimer: this flowchart has certain omissions in order to protect the confidentiality of the client
  4. 4. HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT – INFORMATION FLOW (mid-state), cont. Page 4 of 4 2x/year, Renee The respective Renee reports reviews probation Acct Tech saves findings to each officers caseloads Renee’s report to Probation Officer for compliance the network QUALITY ASSURANCE Renee uses a The Managers or Once resolved, Renee updates the Once approved, the Renee conducts an checklist to conduct Heads of Location Renee scans the Quality Assurance Quality Assurance office audit of each audit, scans, & have 30 days to fix revised audit & Report & sends to Report is scanned location 1x/year emails to Managers reported issues saves to network Rob for approval & saved to xxxx Personnel Forms EMPLOYEE Personnel File, Pre- New Hire’s First Quality Assurance Human Resources throughout FORMS Offer Forms Day Forms Personnel Forms Forms Employment · Resume · Acknowledgement · Health Insurance Enrollment · References · · Job Description for each position · Arbitration Form Awareness Statement Form · Interview Outline · · · Review of Performance form for · Computer, Electronic Mail, and VM County and Municipal Probation Salary Redirection Form · Exercise Acknowledgement Advisory Council Form · AFLAC Enrollment Form each position · Pre-employment Drug · · · Salary Change Form · Confidentiality Agreement Private Probation Employee Supplemental Life Form Testing Form · · Disciplinary Action Form · Emergency Contacts Registration Form 401(k) Enrollment Form · Release and Consent Form · · · Benefit Summary · Restrictive Covenant Agreement Security Addendum Certification Health Insurance Change · Violation of Laws Form · Training Reimbursement Program Form · Employment Application · Direct Deposit Form · Garnishment Orders · State Tax Withholding Form · Termination Separation Notice · Federal Tax Withholding Form · Termination Checklist · I-9 Form and supporting documents · COBRA Notice · 401(k) Termination Form Work Performed by: Alicia Butler Pierre @EfficiencyEngr Project Scope provided at: Disclaimer: this flowchart has certain omissions in order to protect the confidentiality of the client