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Rules and guidelines for promotions aimed at minors

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  1. 1. PROMOSFERA SRL - Via G. Giusti 65/A, 21019 – Somma Lombardo (VA) - Tel./Fax 0331 252144 - VAT No. 02250050024 KIDS PROMOTIONS REGULATORY ASPECTS Rules and guidelines for promotions aimed at minors
  2. 2. PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 • CONTEXT • REGULATORY ASPECTS • UN Convention • Community regulations • CEO Coalition • International code • ABOUT US
  4. 4. PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 A LOOK AT THE LEGISLATION ➢ International legislation: o UN Convention on the Rights of the Child ➢ European and Community legislation: o European Convention on Human Rights o Directive on Audiovisual Media Services o CEO Coalition to make the Internet a Better Place for Kids ➢ Self-regulation: o International code of fair practices in advertising of the International Chamber of Commerce
  5. 5. PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 (Art. 3) - “the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration” (Art. 5) “State Parties shall respect the responsibilities, rights and duties of parents [...] to provide, in a manner consistent with the evolving capacities of the child, appropriate direction and guidance in the exercise by the child of the rights recognized in the present Convention.” The right of children to express themselves and to acquire information, with the guidance of parents, is recognised. But at the same time, children should be protected from inappropriate communications and advertising. INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS UN CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD
  6. 6. PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 Art. 10 Right to the freedom of expression, opinion and information. Restriction of this freedom for: - the protection of health or morals, - preventing the disclosure of confidential information, - maintaining the impartiality of the judiciary. EUROPEAN AND COMMUNITY REGULATIONS EUROPEAN CONVENTION ON HUMAN RIGHTS
  7. 7. PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 EUROPEAN AND COMMUNITY REGULATIONS DIRECTIVE ON AUDIOVISUAL MEDIA SERVICES(Directive 2010/13/EU) ART. [sic] 47 TO PROMOTE “MEDIA LITERACY” Protect themselves and their families from harmful or offensive material RULES PROTECTING THE PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND MORAL DEVELOPMENT OF MINORS Protection from the presence of harmful content in audiovisual media services including commercial communications ART. [sic] 59
  8. 8. PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 Primary objectives of the Coalition: 1. Tools for reporting content harmful to young people, 2. Age-appropriate privacy settings, 3. Wider range of options for parental control 4. To monitor browsing age on the internet, 5. Tools for the removal from the internet of child pornography material. There are established principles and guidelines to be used at Community level for each of these 5 objectives EUROPEAN AND COMMUNITY REGULATIONS CEO COALITION TO MAKE THE INTERNET A BETTER PLACE FOR KIDS
  9. 9. PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 Rules applicable to all advertising communications addressed to children: ➢ The advertising must not set negative examples; ➢ Products unsuitable for minors must not be advertised in media intended specifically for them ➢ Advertising for children and minors must not be placed in media whose editorial content is unsuitable for them; SELF-REGULATION RULES INTERNATIONAL CODE OF FAIR PRACTICES IN ADVERTISING OF THE INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ➢ Advertising must not take advantage of children’s inexperience or naiveté. ➢ ...nor be aimed directly at children with messages that undermine the authority, responsibility or judgement of parents
  10. 10. PROMOSFERA Srl Legal Microsites & POP Winners management Prizes ABOUT US We are an agency specialised in international prize promotions. We operate in over 40 countries within and outside Europe, supporting businesses and agencies in all strategic and operational aspects of promotions
  11. 11. Email: - PROMOSFERA Srl – Tel +39 (0)331 252144 Hvala!
  12. 12. @Promosferaint Promosfera Sonia Travaglini PROMOSFERA SRL - Via G. Giusti 65/A, 21019 – Somma Lombardo (VA) – Tel. +39 (0) 331 252144
  13. 13. CONTACTS Telephone: 0331 252144 – 0331 258674 Fax: 03311582075