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What Shoppers Think in 2016


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Do you really know your audience inside out? We take a closer look at consumer trends and what shoppers really think in 2016...

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What Shoppers Think in 2016

  1. 1. Consumer Promotions: Brought to you by Shoppers think In 2016What
  2. 2. The Consumer Promotions: What Shoppers Think in 2016 survey reveals… UK shoppers are cynical, savvy and have an eye for real value Consumers punish brands that are lazy with their promotional marketing
  3. 3. types of sales promotions do consumers engage with? WHAT 70% entered a free prize draw67% entered a brand competition 66% collected vouchers for a free gift
  4. 4. do on-pack promotions affect consumers’ decision to buy? HOW 37% are more likely to buy a product 5%are less likely to buy a product 51% are not influenced
  5. 5. competition prizes are most attractive to consumers? WHAT 27% like a price discount 23%like low monetary value but high oddsof winning
  6. 6. headline prizes are most attractive to consumers? WHAT 53% like a cash prize of £10,000 11% like a dream holiday or luxury trip
  7. 7. 12%of consumers 48% consciously look for on-pack promotions see promotions in store and are intrigued
  8. 8. types of instant win promotions do consumers like? WHAT 56% like BOGOF 47% like money off vouchers
  9. 9. do consumers prefer to take part in brand promotions? HOW 34% prefer using the brand’s website 20% prefer redeeming a coupon
  10. 10. 49%of consumers said the chance of winning a prize might make a promotion stand out
  11. 11. do consumers like to receive ‘money off your next purchase’ vouchers? HOW 31% prefer on thepackaging 27% prefer paper form
  12. 12. 31%of consumers go on holiday once a year... 20% go on holiday more than twice TRAVEL PROMOTIONS...
  13. 13. type of travel prize do consumers find most appealing? WHAT 18% prefer a luxury trip in Europe with spending money 15% prefer an exotic beach holiday - all expenses paid
  14. 14. 41%of consumers have visited the cinema in the last 3 months... 24% haven’t visited in over 13 months CINEMA PROMOTIONS...
  15. 15. 45%of consumers are affected by the chance of winning free cinema tickets... 26%are slightly more likely to buy a product
  16. 16. consumers enter brand competitions on social media? DO 4% often enter via 3% 2% often enter via often enter via
  17. 17. 20% find Facebook promotions Annoying 12% find Twitter promotions Intrusive 11% won’t enter Instagram competitions because they Can’t be bothered
  18. 18. do consumers tell friends and family about product promotions or competitions? HOW 70% will share face to face 20% will use Facebook
  19. 19. industries’ promotions appeal most to consumers? WHICH 34%are attracted to promotions in leisure 27% are attracted to promotions in media 25% are attracted to promotions in finance
  20. 20. supermarket promotions do consumers best respond to? WHICH 24%said fresh food 24%said health and beauty 22%said savoury snacks
  21. 21. 64%of consumers voted moneysavingexpert as their online forum of choice for finding sales promotions
  22. 22. What can you learn from the survey? UK shoppers are never static. Last year’s trend can be this year’s biggest marketing mistake… Wake up. Break out. Stamp originality and creativity on everything.
  23. 23. Find out more about 2016 shoppers with our guide to What Shoppers Think in 2016