Winning Google AdWords tactics for e-commerce sites


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Main points of the webinar:

* Account Structure
* Delivery formats with targeting to English speaking countries
* Extension specification
* Google analytics reports that help you succeed with Google Adwords

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Winning Google AdWords tactics for e-commerce sites

  1. 1. Webinar, Oct 16, 2013 Winning Google AdWords tactics for Ecommerce sites
  2. 2. Promodo at a Glance
  3. 3. Speaker Kate Sudarkina PPC analyst at Promodo
  4. 4. What I am going to speak about Structure of Google Adwords account Formats of ads distribution with targeting on west countries Google Adwords extensions, how they can improve your business Automatic rules Report bid adjustment in Google Analytics
  5. 5. Account structure
  6. 6. Account division by regions
  7. 7. Account division by categories
  8. 8. Account division by time
  9. 9. Formats of distribution Search distribution 3. At the bottom of a search page
  10. 10. Distribution in the Google Maps section
  11. 11. Distribution in the product catalog, Merchant Center Merchant Center improves the process of loading the product catalog Usual Adwords distribution at the bottom of a page of product catalog
  12. 12. Distribution Merchant Center + Special Offers
  13. 13. Distribution of text ads in Youtube Distribution from left hand Distribution inside the video
  14. 14. Ad Extension Google Locations Attract more useful traffic for a short time Quick identification of your services
  15. 15. Call Extensions Allow to react quickly on a situation that may take place Expanding your business by mobile device users
  16. 16. Offer Extensions It is necessary to have bonuses It is not a notice of sales, discounts and promotional things that you may promote in simple text ad Bonuses should be offered for the goods and services that are available in offline store
  17. 17. Sitelinks Extensions Additional site links give you an opportunity to redirect the user to any other page of the site that may be more relevant to him Sitelinks of that kind will be available to user only when your ad gains the first position above the organic search
  18. 18. Social Extensions Recommendation of other people in Google + raise the effectiveness of your campaigns Regular updating of the content on all pages of your site will increase user’s interests
  19. 19. Product Extensions Such extension gives you an opportunity to display items (with name and price) that mostly match to one’s search term
  20. 20. App Extensions Ability to make your app popular Increase the popularity of your services through your application
  21. 21. Dynamic Extensions Advantages: Display dynamic ads are not associated with keywords that are issued ordinary ads in search result Easy to operate This function is better working for large online stores than to individual product oriented sites Who may be interested in dynamic extensions? Sites with different services and goods Sites on which the range of goods and services changes frequently Also on sites that offer seasonal products
  22. 22. How dynamic ads work The system automatically generates a dynamic ad under the heading of the user's request, and also supplies the appropriate landing page How to configure the operation of dynamic ads 1) In your campaign settings, select the type of "dynamic search ads"
  23. 23. 2) Go to the tab and fill in the ad description line of 1.2, as well as the display URL
  24. 24. 3) Set up goals on the tab "automatic target" Category Page-title of the site URL The content of the page
  25. 25. Automatic rules For what we need them? Simple campaign management Saving of your time
  26. 26. Bids Adjustment using Google Analytics To schedule in Google Adwords and to observe how well it works with Google Analytics
  27. 27. Free online marketing audit We would like to invite all you to take a free 10-15 minutes personalised webinar for a quick audit of your website and marketing campaigns by Google certified experts. - Quick usability audit of the existing site; Quick SEO audit and review of existing analytics; Audit of PPC campaigns; Technical audit; Best practices of conversion rate optimization; General online marketing strategy insights. Free online marketing audit
  28. 28. Thank you for your attention! Ask your questions please! Kate Sudarkina PPC Analyst at Promodo e-mail:
  29. 29. Please follow