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Speed up Magento - Why and How?


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Being hugely flexible and multi-functional e-commerce platform, Magento is also known to consume lots of resources and thus is often reported to be really slow. Join in our webinar to learn why you should care about your site's speed, how you can optimize it for better performance and what results you can expect.

You will learn:

What if you don't do any optimization?
Optimizing a small website
Optimizing a heavily visited website
Common mistakes and myths
How site speed affects rankings
Top 5 performance tips for better SEO
Most efficient tools to track your site speed

Published in: Marketing
  • I like the 3rd slide that how you explained, I also believe that cache is the major issue while speeding up Magento store, I am not technical person, But, I know cache matters a lot for speed optimization, I have been using Magento for a long time and I was disturb due to my store loading issue, I tried lot of things to fix the issue, I just move my hosting to cloudways managed Magento hosting and their support agent run Magento full page cache extension ( which is free of cost, My store speed is now well and loading in 2 seconds.
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Speed up Magento - Why and How?

  1. 1. September 25th, 2014 – online marketing session for Magento business owners Speed up Magento: why and how?
  2. 2. About Promodo
  3. 3. About Mementia Reliable, predictable support for your Magento web shop Service Level Agreements High-speed hosting and 24x7 Magento developer support and maintenance We make things work.
  4. 4. Speaker Ognjen Nastic Mementia Ognjen runs Mementia, an eCommerce software development company. They build solutions on Magento, the best eCommerce platform in the world. During the years before Mementia, he used to work as a CTO and CIO for several companies, some large, some small. Ognjen was and still is very passionate about making business and IT work together, instead of against each other. While being very experienced with methodologies and processes, such as ITIL/ITSM and CMMI, he remains convinced that strong leadership and people management are sine qua non for successful IT and business synergy.
  5. 5. Speaker Anna Korolekh Promodo Marketing manager and, in past, an SEO consultant at Promodo. As an SEO consultant Anna has worked with large sites of the gambling, dating, travel and ecommerce niche. Anna is a certified Google Analytics individual and a regular contributor to Promodo and external blogs, also a regular speaker at the webinars. Currently Anna manages and oversees all marketing activities of Promodo in the English-speaking markets: SEM, SEO, social media, content marketing, email marketing, events.
  6. 6. Overview • Why optimize? • How to do it? • What not to do?
  7. 7. Should you do it? • Yes. Yes, you should. • Visitors care about it • Search engines care • Your server cares
  8. 8. Visitors Care • 25% leave in 4 seconds • Walmart • -1 sec = +2% conversion • -100ms = +1% revenue • Direct effect on revenue
  9. 9. Search Engines Care • Google is already tracking • Googlebot • Chrome • Direct effect on page ranking
  10. 10. Your Server Cares • Your server will be doing less if you optimize… • …so you will need fewer (or cheaper) servers • Direct effect on hosting costs
  11. 11. How? • Understand the basics • Frontend • Backend • Network • Common mistakes
  12. 12. Understand the basics • You can spend all your money on this • Don’t do it early • Measure first, then set a goal
  13. 13. Frontend • It can cause a fast server to seem slow • It can make a slow server seem fast • Perceived > Actual
  14. 14. Frontend • Minify HTML, CSS, JS • Sprite and optimize images • Load async if you can • Cache everything
  15. 15. Backend • Use memory vs. disk • tmpfs • Varnish • Redis • Cache everything
  16. 16. Network • Minimize DNS requests • Minimize traffic • gzip • Offload to CDN • Use AJAX • Cache everything
  17. 17. Common Mistakes • Bad methodology • Slow hosting • Voodoo optimization
  18. 18. Get a Magento check now • Free recommendations • Individual approach for your website and business
  19. 19. How site speed affects rankings
  20. 20. How site speed affects rankings
  21. 21. In practice – does it really matter? Shopzilla case study in 2009
  22. 22. In practice – does it really matter? Shopzilla case study in 2009
  23. 23. How can Google measure site speed?
  24. 24. Besides: • AOL presented data showing that page load speeds can impact pageviews per visit by up to 50%
  25. 25. Besides: • 1 second delay can decrease conversions by 7% • 47% expect a web page to load in two seconds or less • 40% will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load • 52% of online shoppers claim that quick page loads are important for their loyalty to a site • 14% will start shopping at a different site if page loads are slow • 23% will stop shopping or even walk away from their computer • 64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with their site visit will go somewhere else to shop next time
  26. 26. Bottom line: Visitors care about your site’s speed the most!
  27. 27. How does it work? Crawl quota per each site in terms of downloaded kilobytes and time spent on site
  28. 28. What does it influence? Deep URLs (product pages) are not going to be reached by Google bot Lots of product pages are not going to be indexed You will lose a huge amount of long-tail organic traffic Lose conversions and sales
  29. 29. How to fix it? Top 5 for SEO: 1. HTML Sitemaps
  30. 30. How to fix it? Top 5 for SEO: 2. Optimize/compress images • stick to JPG, PNG and GIF • try to make them less than 100 kb • list them in a separate xml sitemap
  31. 31. How to fix it? Top 5 for SEO: 3. Optimize page caching, use Expires/Cache-control header + for large websites set crawl delay directives in your robots.txt file and <changefreq></changefreq> <priority></priority> additional tags in your xml sitemaps 4. Minimize redirects and server errors (check for broken links & fix them) 5. Avoid unnecessary plugins, embeds and codes.
  32. 32. Proof that it works: Ecommerce project 3 months after HTML sitemap integration & site speed improvements
  33. 33. Useful tools: • Google Speed Insights • Google Speed Service • Google Analytics Loading Speed Tracking
  34. 34. Useful tools: • Xenu to check broken links • Sitemap generator to generate XML sitemaps • Screaming Frog to check big images page by page • Advanced SEO suite to create large Sitemaps and break them down correctly • GTSpeed to compress images • PageCache to set caching rules
  35. 35. Free online marketing audit We would like to invite all you to take a free 10-15 minutes personalised webinar for a quick audit of your website and marketing campaigns by Google certified experts. - Quick usability audit of the existing site; - Quick SEO audit and review of existing analytics; - Audit of PPC campaigns; - Technical audit; - Best practices of conversion rate optimization; - General online marketing strategy insights. Free online marketing audit
  36. 36. Thank you for your attention! Anna Korolekh Marketing manager at Promodo e-mail: Skype: ann.moseva Ognjen Nastic Managing Director at Mementia e-mail:
  37. 37. Please follow