SEO Tips and Best Practices for Hosting and Domains Niche Sites


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The webinar is going to be particularly interesting to the business owners and in-house online marketers working for a hosting or a domain registrar’s site. The session is going to be niche specific, analyzing the situation in the market and offering decisions that suit hosting providers and domain registrars mostly, but many tips and tricks can also be useful and can be applied to other businesses in the niche of IT services.
The webinar will be focused on technical SEO and CRO aspects of a typical site of the niche and most crucial moments and bottlenecks will be analyzed. The webinar may require some elementary knowledge of SEO and CRO and won’t be focusing on basic things

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SEO Tips and Best Practices for Hosting and Domains Niche Sites

  1. 1. © 2013 Promodo www.promodo.comcontact@promodo.comUK+44 (0203) 137-66-81SEO Tips and Best Practicesfor Hosting and Domains Niche SitesUSA+1 347 809-34-86Katherine GolovinovaSEO consultantPromodoWebinar, 23 May, 2013
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  3. 3. Competitive Analysis as a method to find potentially advantageous promotiondirectionsKeyword research in conditions of SEO-pressureDefining the promotion strategyLink-building strategy in of the niche web hosting and domain nameregistrationFeatures of different groups of queries, conversion depending on geographyTypical problems that hamper sites conversion and howto solve them
  4. 4. Market analysis and competitive research –finding potentially advantageous promotiondirections
  5. 5. 400-500 visits from the 8th– 9th place for a query "hosting" per monthqueries "stuffed" with endless positions checks1000-1200 visits from the 2nd – 3d place for a query "domain names"per month
  6. 6. Keyword research in conditions ofSEO-pressure
  7. 7. the highest frequency in the subtopic «hosting forecommerce sites»
  8. 8. Traffic from theAmerican GoogleTop5 - Top6 about1-3 persons a dayAbout 40 peoplea monthExtremely lowconversion rateNot effectivefor sales
  9. 9. Query brings three times more traffic from the4th-5th places!The same amount of searches High conversion rate
  10. 10. Analyze the backlinks text anchorsto sites of your competitors todiscover more keywordsSEO SpyGlassAhrefsSEMRush
  11. 11. Position for a keywordThe traffic this keyword bringsEstimated number of searches from Google Keyword Tool in the exactand phrase match for the world and top regionsQuantity of page viewsTime spent on a siteBounce rateConversion rate
  12. 12. Defining the promotion strategy
  13. 13. VPS hosting conversion rate 5-7times higher than in SharedHosting subtopicCost for Dedicated servers is 50times higher (as opposed toShared)Promoting for the queries ofShared group is much easierthan dedicated hostingBut “cheap “ queries are highly competitive(cheap web hosting, cheap hosting, etc.)
  14. 14. Low-frequency trafficbrings only 10% ofthe general traffic andconversionsStart with high-frequency keywords+Add low- and mid-frequency queriesLow-frequency, long-tailkeywords for "exotic " types ofhosting+
  15. 15. Link-building strategy:methods of getting links
  16. 16. Technical on-site SEO auditKeyword researchTexts and meta tags optimization accordingto the keywordsInternal linking on a siteLink-building strategy
  17. 17. Articles on your own blogGuest articlesContestsSpecialsPrize drawingSocial initiativesAffiliate programLinks purchase
  18. 18. Features of different groups ofqueries, conversion depending ongeography
  19. 19. Typical problems that hamper sitesconversion and how to solve them
  20. 20. Errors on a keyword research stage,promotion on not effective keywordsPrice policyProblems with "usability" of a funnel oftransitions after clicking the button "Add toBasket" (Buy Now, Order, Sign Up).
  21. 21. Up to 90 % of the visitors whohave clicked the button «Add toa basket» get lost
  22. 22. © 2013 Promodo www.promodo.comcontact@promodo.comUK+44 (0203) 137-66-81USA+1 347 809-34-86
  23. 23. Thank you for your attention!Katherine