Conversion Rate Optimization


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  • Please develop the feature order status so I can use the secure order # to get status of the order without required login
  • For development – let admin set specific brands as most popular – use the scroll left-right but make sure that these specific brands appear on the page. Link both images, logos and “from” text to product listing of specific brand. View all brands link – open page where all brands are listed using similar design – just multiply rows per page. Brands marked as featured will be first on that brand listing page.
  • For developers – this section will contain discounted watches that marked by admin as selected for the home page. View all discount watches link goes to Clearance listing. Compare checkbox will select / add watch to compare listing (see product listing page). Note for all products that present in compare list this checkout needs to be checked by default on all pages. Uncheck of the checkbox – will remove the item from the compare list.
  • For developers – this section will contain most featured watches – to select watches use Google analytics or shopping cart stats – they will be marked by admin as selected for the home page. Also such section will have watches that generate more profit for business owner. Note there is labels like New, Top sale, Recommended etc – you may consider to have other labels in the future. View all features watches link goes to Featured listing. Compare checkbox will select / add watch to compare listing (see product listing page). Note for all products that present in compare list this checkout needs to be checked by default on all pages. Uncheck of the checkbox – will remove the item from the compare list.
  • For developers – please link this banner to the shipping / return policy page
  • For developers – please link this banner to the shipping / return policy page
  • For developers – we recommend to keep alternative count of featured watches- so it may be 10, 20 top watches etc. Text “top 10 name-of-brand watches” will link to special page where all these models appear on one page.
  • for developers – please keep these filters in the correct order – checkbox for the filters will refresh the page with proper results. When multiply brands selected – we show case the product listing with brand logos under product photo. Click on the brand name will link to brand page. Click on pricing link will showcase combination of brand + price value Click on gender link will showcase combination of brand + gender Click on style link will showcase combination of brand + style Note that we need to prepare such pages so we can have static URL for combination of 2 criteria's. Ex.: or In case customer used checkboxes and selected multiply of them – we just filter products accordingly. We don’t need to have a link. Also please note about mouse-over, and selected styles for filters.
  • Please for every customer session start tracking of his activity. You can set a cookie and then collect the data what this anonymus client did on the site. What brand he clicks on, what watches, what he compared – what he put to the card. This will help with future marketing efforts.
  • In case I click men’s watches – all mens wathces will be so we showcase brand logo. If I selected specific brand – we don’t show brand logos. If we select mens + style - we show brand logo. We have to revise filters and mark selected.
  • Remembers that all products viewed by person will be stored in our data. Once client leave email or make purchase – that stats will help to generate recommendations.
  • Recommended watches will be list of watches of similar models from the same brand, similar style as product page. We can then order from selected watches – the one that he browsed last time – so history data might be used here.
  • When customer added something to the cart – before he leaves the page without completion of checkout – ask them that we can store these products on file for him. In case you get his email – we can automatically associate all past history with this email / name.
  • Please make sure that details will be pre-filled in case customer signed in. in case I’m guest – keep the data I’m writing – once you have my email – associate all past history with this address. In case I went to listings again – make sure we remember the data and keep form filled in. By default shipping address is same as billing to keep checkout – checked.
  • More than 61% of retailers doing less than 5 tests a month
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    1. 1. Conversion RateOptimizationMay 14th, 2013Paul RyazanovDirector of business developmentPromodo Inc.
    2. 2. Promodo at a Glance
    3. 3. Why it is ImportantHome page tweaksCategories & filtersProduct pageShopping cartCheckoutQ&APlan
    4. 4. Why it is ImportantOne simple change which takesOne simple change which takesonly few minutes to apply mightonly few minutes to apply mightsignificantly improve yoursignificantly improve yourconversions up to 100% andconversions up to 100% andmore.more.
    5. 5. Home page654321654321 Improved navigation with extra filtersPromotion of few offers at onceFeatured brands with focus on brand logoClearance with special iconsFeatures models with stickersSEO text
    6. 6. Clear logo, what you do, toll-free, clear shopping benefits as well as clearshopping cart and checkout button– that’s sample of a good website header
    7. 7. Use mouse-over effect for menu, highlight selected categories,and correctly activate top navigation once selected.Search field is supposed to work with auto-suggest.
    8. 8. Replace the slideshow with one single collage, clear call-to-actions.This way you can better track performance of each ad.
    9. 9. Analyze what brands/categories are the most popular – use Google analytics.Use brand logo and sexy product photos with no watermark.
    10. 10. Analyze what models are best-sold with a help of Google analytics.Keep them on the home page. Use discount labels in different colors.
    11. 11. Small details such as labels – New / Top Sales are very important.This way you can drive customer attention to specific models.
    12. 12. You can collect the most frequentlyasked questions from your supportand reply to those questions in avery professional way.
    13. 13. Store reviews, ratings, presence at eBay, Amazon stores –key to get immediate trust of your visitors
    14. 14. Brand page654321654321 SEO text, image for brandAdvanced filtersSub-categories listingTOP models for this brandProduct listing with labels, compare and buyCompare block
    15. 15. It’s good idea to highlight TOP models of specific brands.Sometimes people search for keywords including top models queries.
    16. 16. Understand how visitors search for products.Use filters and order them by popularity
    17. 17. Let visitors make the choice of a very few models and compare them.This will help you identify which models are popular.
    18. 18. When you list models by different brands, showcase a brand with logo.Use big images. You may use popup to showcase product preview.
    19. 19. Clean navigation helps to drive visitor to what they want faster.This sample lets you combine 2 options at once.
    20. 20. Product page654321654321 Big photos, no watermark, zoomSocial icons, store benefits, supportClear pricing, delivery info, payment infoRecently viewed sectionRecommendations by customer experienceSEO text – for a specific model
    21. 21. Showcase product gallery. Use video if you have.Keep labels if such model is New / Top Sale / Recommended etc.
    22. 22. Use social tools such as FB, Twitter, Pinterest.Showcase benefits and present ways to ask questions about specific models.
    23. 23. Price, savings.Shipping and delivery info.Big buy now button.Showcase payment options.
    24. 24. Keep tracking of viewed products.Especially with a big range ofproducts visitor might loose one whilesearching.
    25. 25. Use your data to build recommendation lists based on customer behavior.
    26. 26. Cart page2121 Improved product infoReturn policy, phone support
    27. 27. Keep the shopping cart data for a while. Even for non-members.
    28. 28. Final list of benefits.Final info about delivery.Phone number for support.Information about security.
    29. 29. You can suggest alternative discounts.Or suggest to subscribe for deals.
    30. 30. Checkout page43214321Easy checkout step for guestsSimplified shipping sectionClear showcase of cart and priceOnly required payment fields
    31. 31. Simplify the checkout process for guests.They might signup later if you value their time now.
    32. 32. Let user view the cart and pay fast.
    33. 33. Content page2121Clear navigationContent mixed with images
    34. 34. What Next?What Next?In God we trust.In God we trust.Everything else we test.Everything else we test.
    35. 35. Free SEO and CRO auditWe would like to invite all you to take a free 10-15 minutespersonalised webinar for a quick audit of your website andmarketing campaigns by Google certified experts.- Quick usability audit of the existing site;- Quick SEO audit and review of existing analytics;- Audit of PPC campaigns;- Technical audit;- Best practices of conversion rate optimization.Reach
    36. 36. Thank you!Paul RyazanovDirector of business developmentat Promodoe-mail: p.ryazanov@promodo.comSkype: