Facebook Workshop DLRLS


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Workshop 17th December Bewleys Leopardstown

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Facebook Workshop DLRLS

  2. 2. Social Media Workshop • Presented by Promozoo • Dee O‘Brien and Elaine Cameron • Objective: To guide you through a practical run through of a Social Media Plan that you can take away and implement for your centre.
  3. 3. Workshop Structure - Agenda • • • • • Introduction to Social Media in Ireland Facebook for Business – A practical guide Coffee Break Facebook Content Facebook Content Planner
  4. 4. Social Media Stats - Ireland
  5. 5. Social Media Explained Keep in touch Wait till I tell you Have you heard? Did you know Did you see? Let me show you Work Together
  6. 6. Media Consumption in Ireland
  7. 7. Social Media Penetration in Ireland
  8. 8. Digital Tools preferred by Irish Marketers Among the study’s other main findings: • One in five marketers (19.6%) now spend more than half their marketing budgets online • Top reasons for using online marketing are customer engagement (74%), value for money (63%) and optimising reach (57%) • Email continues to be a popular format, used by two out of three marketers (67%) • The other most popular formats are social networking / blogs (63%) and search engine optimisation (57%) • But social media can be hard work, with 70% saying that it has added to their workload
  9. 9. Digital Tools preferred by Irish Marketers – AMAS Study 2012
  10. 10. Why have a Facebook Page for Business? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Branding Personal Facebook remains personal Unlimited Fans Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Unlimited Access Build brand advocates Customer Service
  11. 11. Business Pages – The Practical Guide • • • • • • • Insights Facebook Offers Groups Access to Advertising Privacy Settings Admin Roles Schedule Content
  12. 12. Editing your existing page Appear in more recommend pages notifications and get FREE fans by filling in EVERYTHING
  13. 13. Existing Page – Cover Photo • • • • • • Get a cover image designed 851px wide by 315px Or use a cover image creator such as Try: http://timelinecoverbanner.com/ Or http://www.pagemodo.com/welcome/cover-photos Or http://www.timelinecovers.pro/create Change this photo on a regular basis
  14. 14. Manage Admin Roles
  15. 15. How to add a new admin
  16. 16. Page Settings – Step by Step Guide
  17. 17. Facebook Activity Log Explained What is the activity log on my Facebook Page? Your Page's activity log is a tool that lets you review the history of your Page and change the settings of individual posts. Only Page admins can see the activity log. From your Page's activity log, you can: • • • • • See all your Page's stories, organized by date Star posts to make them bigger Hide and delete posts Change the date of posts by your Page Report and remove spam posted on your Page
  18. 18. Building Fans on Facebook • • • • Promozoo Limited Copyright ©2013 Update Emails (csv file) Max 5000 Invite Friends Share page Advertise
  19. 19. Advertise on Facebook – 5 Types of Adverts 1) External Website, or Standard Ads, are Facebook‘s traditional ad option. These ads are usually found along the right-hand side of the page and are designed to drive traffic offsite
  20. 20. Advertise on Facebook – 5 Types of Ads • Like Ad 2) Facebook Like Ads, are similar to Standard Ads, but are designed to drive traffic to a Facebook Page, App, or Event. These have the same specs as Standard Ads, except that titles will be the name of the Page, App, or Event you‘re advertising. Promozoo Limited Copyright ©2013
  21. 21. Advertise on Facebook – 5 Types of Ads • Page Post Ad 3) Page Post Ads allow you to promote a post that you made on your Facebook Page. It could be a status update, shared link, video, photo, event or anything else you‘ve shared recently. You can promote a specific page post or choose to make an ad out of the most recent page post that you‘ve created Promozoo Limited Copyright ©2013
  22. 22. Advertise on Facebook – 5 Types of Ads 4) Sponsored Stories are the most interactive and organic of all the ad types. They highlight actions taken by fans on your Page, they‘re also the most complex option. Promozoo Limited Copyright ©2013 • • • • Page Likes Page Post Likes Check In RSVP
  23. 23. Difference between Ads and Stories
  24. 24. Advertise on Facebook – 5 Types of Ads • 5) Promoted Posts allow you promote anything you can create through the sharing tool: status updates, photos, videos, Offers, and questions. These are ideal for mobile impressions since the ads appear in News Feeds and not the right-hand column. You can even purchase Promoted Posts directly from the Pages Manager app. However, this is only available to Pages with more than 400 Likes. Promozoo Limited Copyright ©2013 Promoted (Boost) Post
  25. 25. Facebook Offer
  26. 26. Who are you communicating to? Facebook Insights….Review
  27. 27. Facebook Groups - Why Create One? • • • • Your very own marketing asset They become committed ―fans‖ You are instantly seen in the role of expert You can invite to events, post updates etc that they will always see (unlike with pages) • Can have groups for buyers – Add on Value • Can protect content from non buyers or from competitors
  28. 28. Facebook Groups for DLRLS • Create Added Value for Certain Courses • Allows individuals to discuss the course with the instructor • Instructor can share exclusive tips, events, articles
  29. 29. How to Create Your Own Facebook Group From homepage Groups – Create Group Window will appear • Create a group name • Add members • Select Privacy
  30. 30. Group Privacy Types • Secret: Only members see the group, who's in it, and what members post. • Closed: Anyone can see the group and who's in it. Only members see posts. • Open (public): Anyone can see the group, who's in it, and what members post.
  31. 31. More Group Settings • • • • • • Click the cog icon Edit Group Settings Approval? Group Address? Description – add how they can join if a private paid group Posting permissions
  32. 32. Promoting events to your group • • • • • Events - Create Event Invite All Members Can add an image for an event Can then share the event & even advertise the event All their friends will see they are going (viral marketing)
  33. 33. Getting Group Members • • • • Mass email is fastest Promote in other sources, Fanpage, LinkedIn etc Maybe give away a freebie to join? They are a massive marketing asset once in your group!
  34. 34. What to post to your group • • • • • • Blog updates (networked blogs can be set up to post automatically) News in the fitness arena Discussions Encourage people to ask questions in your area of expertise Ask for reviews, testimonials etc Respond quickly to group members but always ask for other people‘s opinion too
  35. 35. Posting to Facebook – Do’s and Don’t DO • • • • • Keep posts short & sweet – Posts with less than 100 characters get more engagement. Why do you think Twitter is only 140 characters! Answer questions & respond to posts – Your page is not a walled garden! Respond to your followers & be personal. Ask questions & ask for feedback – The best posts on Facebook pages tend to be questions. Ask them often & listen to what your users are saying. Participate in the conversation – Customers appreciate business owners who take interest. Provide helpful links – Be sure to help educate your fans, not just promote your products.
  36. 36. Posting to Facebook – Do’s and Don’t DO • • • • • Follow thought leaders – Find people in your niche & follow them — and make sure to interact with them & their followers. Run Promotions – Offer specials, coupons & limited time offers. Keep Customers Informed – If your centre is going to be closed, let everyone know ahead of time. Post Photos – As a local company post pictures of your business & employees. People love to recognize someone around town that they saw online. Say Thank You – Thank your followers & fans often. Make them the center of your focus
  37. 37. Posting to Facebook – Do’s and Don’t Don’t • • • • Over post – Only post as often as you can get good engagement. Excessively self-promote – I go by the 90/10 rule: 90% of your posts should be fun & informative, 10% can be promotion. Use Bad Grammar – Make sure you don‘t have any grammar errors or misspelled words in your posts. The ―Grammar Police‖ won‘t forgive you! Be Shy – This is your opportunity to speak directly to your customers. Be outgoing & engaging.
  38. 38. Posting to Facebook – Do’s and Don’t Don’t • • • • • Overshare – Don‘t post rants or gripe about employees or customers Some things need not be on Facebook! Talk Politics or Religion Respond Hastily – Remember your messages are public. Well thought out & correct answers are vital Bad Mouth Competitors – You may think the competing burger joint down the street sucks - and they might. But don‘t air your opinions on social media about it….
  39. 39. Facebook Posting • Images • Text • Videos Design your content calendar
  40. 40. Facebook Posting - Images • Images are the cornerstone of Facebook • Why? Because fans love pictures • People are so overloaded with information these days that they naturally gravitate toward things that are easy to consume & absorb • Images are both
  41. 41. Facebook Posting – Funny Images • • • So how should you use funny images? Let‘s take this example of a funny egg photo If you‘re a restaurant with a fan page, this image could be a good opportunity to crack a joke about eggs (pun intended) Be creative, you can always find a clever way to relate a funny image to your niche
  42. 42. Facebook Posting - Funny Images Over Kill?
  43. 43. Facebook Posting – Free Images We use the website • http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/ Or try • http://www.stockfreeimages.com or http://www.stockvault.net • Search by THEME • E.g. Swimming, Running, Exercise
  44. 44. Facebook Posting – Eye-catching Images • I‘m not advising that you just randomly post images to get shares • Images like this can definitely get crazy Likes & Comments. But they have to be unique catch people‘s eyes
  45. 45. Facebook Images – Where to find them FOC Eye-catching Images: • • I love creative designs and unusual ideas – FB Page Pool Supply World – FB Page Edit Images for Tips: http://ipiccy.com/ - Picture Editor or www.picmonkey.com
  46. 46. Facebook Images – With tips • This could be very useful to DLRLS, Create a lot of images with your own tips, then brand the image with your logo. This is a good move because even if your photo gets shared, then your brand goes with it • Adding a tip to an image is simple • Write down the Top 20 most frequently asked questions you get asked, answer the questions with short 1-2 sentence answers (these are your tips) • Add the tips to your images
  47. 47. Facebook Posting – Text, Questions Ask Questions • • • • • • • • • • • Questions are at the top of the list for text content because they generate engagement. What‘s the best kind of question? Short, simple & to-the-point! Here are some examples: Gym or Pool? Spinning or Running? Football – Indoor or Outdoor? Multiple choice questions like this are great because they give people choices — and make them more likely to answer. Wouldn‘t you rather take a multiple choice test than an open ended question test? Multiple choice, of course. Why? Because the questions are easier & quicker to answer. And this is exactly why they‘re more likely to get engagement on Facebook.
  48. 48. Facebook Posting – Text: Quotes • • • People crave a little motivation. They want to learn. Quotes are a simple way to motivate & teach. Use business quotes, success quotes, quotes about diets, lifestyle — the list goes on & on. Below are four ways to get different quotes for your business. Find quotes on: • • • • • Google A Motivational Quote Calendar Quote Apps on your iPhone Seeing a quote on Facebook then saving & reusing it later Just remember not to just steal the quote & not give credit to the person who wrote it
  49. 49. Facebook Posting - Text “Fill in the Blanks” • Fill-in-the-blanks are similar to questions. They are simple & tend to get crazy Likes & Comments Here are some examples: • My favorite gym class is _______________. • Fill in the blank. I laugh every time I think about ______. [You can tell people to fill in the blank] • Have fun with these, but be careful not to leave the blank too open-ended for a potentially bad response
  50. 50. Facebook Posting - Videos • Video is the fastest growing marketing tool • And if you are willing to be in the videos yourself, then you can connect & build trust with your audience faster than any other form of content. • Google owns YouTube - Why is this important? • Because YouTube has the all powerful SEO benefits. It is possible to index videos on the 1st page of Google within days, not months. • This is a HUGE benefit of videos about your business. Do you have a YouTube channel? • What should you create videos about?
  51. 51. Facebook - Posting Videos • • • • Testimonials Happy customer testimonials give social proof to how great your product is. Record your customers talking about your product & how they‘ve gotten results & love it. Here is an example of a testimonial
  52. 52. Facebook - Posting Videos • Education • Teach. Teach. Teach! • Teaching shows you are an authority in your business. It shows you know what you‘re talking about. • Here‘s an example of an ‗educating‘ video
  53. 53. Facebook - Posting Videos • Promotions • Are you launching a new product? Speaking at an upcoming event? • Video is the best way to promote an event, product launch, or your overall business. • There are many ways you can do a promotional video. You can create one where you are talking to the camera, do an interview-style where you interview someone, a cartoon-style, animated, white board… and the list goes on.
  54. 54. Vine – What is it? • Free Mobile App owned by (Jan ‗13) • Enables users to create and post short, snappy, looping video clips – 6 sec long • Videos posted on Vine will appear on your Vine Profile & the timelines of your Vine followers • Videos can also be posted on your website, social media (eg Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  55. 55. Vine - Examples • • • • Crazy Cat Pepsi Ice-cube Eggs
  56. 56. Vine –How do I set it up? • Download from iOS & Android stores • Set up your account using an email address or sign in via your @dlrls account
  57. 57. Vine –Getting started Once you've signed up or logged in, it will bring you to the Home Screen
  58. 58. Vine –Getting started • Tapping the Home button on Top left of your screen provides access to the Vine Menu – Home, Explore, Activity, Profile
  59. 59. Vine –Getting started • In the ‗Explore’ section you can search for what‘s ‗Popular Now‘ or ‗On the Rise‘ • Or choose to view Vines from a range of channels eg comedy, sports, music etc. • From here you can also search for specific people or hashtags #.
  60. 60. Vine –Getting started • You can also find people via the ‗Profile Section‘ under ‗Settings/Friends/Find People as well as Invite people to follow you via text or via email. Tip: Quick way to find people from your Contacts is to Tap the menu button in the top left corner, select "Profile", and then tap the plus button in the top right corner.
  61. 61. Vine – Creating your Video! • From the homepage tap the camera icon to prepare to record • Each time you tap/touch the screen it will record footage. When you take your finger away it stops. Tip: Take some time to play around as it will require a bit of practice to get used to the stop/start
  62. 62. Vine – Creating your Video! • PLAN Think about what you are going to record - location, sounds, accessories • CREATE your video • UPLOAD video once complete • TAG Click  to add captions, location, channel, #tags • POST by clicking ‗Done‘ to share on social platforms/Vine
  63. 63. Vine – How To Share/Embed Post? To embed any ‗public‘ Vine post to your website, tap the icon with three dots below the post. (see below). Next tap ―Share this Post‖ and then select ―Embed‖. This will generate an email containing the embed link. Alternatively you can copy link to your clipboard and then paste to your destination.
  64. 64. Vine – Suggested Uses at DLRLS • Showcase your Facilities - eg pool, gym, spinning studio, café, outdoor pitch etc • Meet the Team • Tip of the Day – Nutrition, Fitness , Weight Loss • How to‘s ? ….the perfect press up, programme the treadmill, do the backcrawl • Showcase your fitness classes • Highlight your Subscription Options • Promote Kids Activities eg summer camps, face painting, workshops
  65. 65. Vine – More Reading/Support • Help Support http://support.twitter.com/articles/20170317-faqsabout-vine • How-to-Vines http://lowesfixinsix.tumblr.com/ • Beginners Guide http://mashable.com/2013/12/11/vine-beginnersguide/
  66. 66. Dealing with Negative Comments Why are people negative on Facebook? • There is no ―dislike‖ button • Facebook Used to Be Ad Free! • They use it to connect with friends depending on your content…. • 1 out of 50 post views gets a negative response • Facebook fans are most likely to block all your page stories 60 times more likely than un-fanning your page! • Your fans will remain loyal ONLY if your content is relevant
  67. 67. How can you see what is happening?
  68. 68. Negative Comments • • • • • • If people complain on your page, acknowledge it Don‘t remove it Say you will contact them by PM Don‘t act defensive Don‘t blame them Consider posting a comment such as ―Our Customer Service team will be in touch shortly‖
  69. 69. Negative Comments - Abusive • Avoid abuse by having the language moderator updated • Hide Comments that are damaging – They won‘t know! • Ban Users where necessary
  70. 70. Social Media Policy – Company Wide • • • • • Treat it like any other contingency plan in your organisation (remember to continually review as social media changes so fast!) Must know what you‘re going to do if something goes wrong. Nothing travels faster online than news of a screw up Manage your reputation by knowing the risks, being prepared and nipping any bad press in the bud. Every single employee of yours represents your company. Whether it‘s actively or passively. Must be aware of the social media policy & strategy
  71. 71. Social Media Policy – Company Wide DLRLS should consider as part of their policy • • • • • • • • • • • Tone of Voice How to handle interaction How to deal with criticism Online Crisis Plan. Integrate with established plans. Escalation procedures. Protocols. Legal team Be part of the community. Early warning monitoring. Staff communications.
  72. 72. Social Media Policy – Company Wide • Here‘s a site which has a list of policy templates to download free which can then be tailored to suit your organisation • http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php or • http://www.amweb.ie/blog/!Main/blog/2013/01/03/a-simple-socialmedia-policy-template#sthash.txg0MRiq.dpbs
  73. 73. Facebook vs Twitter