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What Search Engines are capable of and what Travel consultants should know these days


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Search Engines have increased their potential in how and where to find what Holiday seekers are (not) searching for. SEO & SEM is not only Google. Universal Search also includes Bing, Facebook, Yandex, YouTube, Pinterest, Foursquare and many more on Desktop and Mobile Smartphones. This Search Engine Presentation for Skål Tourism and Travel Holidays was held by Michael Kohlfürst from PromoMasters Online Marketing in Vienna Austria Europe.

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What Search Engines are capable of and what Travel consultants should know these days

  1. 1. What Search Engines are capable of and what Travel consultants should know these days IBM Client Center 1020 Vienna – Austria 11. June 2014 Presentation on the occasion of SKÅL Club Vienna Event Michael Kohlfürst of
  2. 2. PromoMasters Online Marketing Ges.m.b.H. Since 1999 the partner for succesfull search engine marketing of tourism, industry and trade. PromoMasters increases the visibility of contents on the Internet, with Social Media as well as Mobile Marketing on Smartphones - headword: Universal Search. Münze Österreich – Österreichische Lotterien – Salzburger Nachrichten – K+K Hotels – BIOhotels – Wanderhotels – FH Salzburg - … What • Michael Kohlfürst CMC – since 1996 in Online Business • Mag. Andrea Starzer MBA • 12 employees Who
  4. 4. If Google knows me…
  5. 5. Google search – Google Suggest
  6. 6. The ideal search result
  7. 7. Regional without location
  8. 8. Regional with location
  9. 9. Google Maps
  10. 10. Google Hotelfinder
  11. 11. Google Flight Search I
  12. 12. Google Flight Search II
  13. 13. Google Flight Search III
  14. 14. Google Shopping in search results
  15. 15. Google Shopping (Merchant) I
  16. 16. Google Shopping (Merchant) II
  17. 17. Interests like events
  18. 18. Knowledge Graph I
  19. 19. Knowledge Graph II
  20. 20. Knowledge Graph III
  21. 21. Knowledge Graph IV
  22. 22. Author
  23. 23. YouTube – TV of the future
  24. 24. Advertising-partner and remarketing
  25. 25. Online on mobile phone(vehicle) voice input place-related price comparison evaluation booking navigation  NFC admission&numbers
  26. 26. future: social finding Facebook Social Graph
  27. 27. Give a Credit Evaluate this presentation!
  28. 28. What search engines are able and travel consultants should know these days PromoMasters wishes you lots of success with this guide. Recommend this presentation to your friends and business partner via Google+, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. Online Marketing Seminare: PromoMasters® Online Marketing Ges.m.b.H Waldbadstraße 4 – 5081 Anif Salzburg – Österreich - +43 6246 76286-0