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New artic sea


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New artic sea

  1. 1. Super Omega-3 Fish and Calamari Oils with Olive Oil
  2. 2. Dr. Jørn Dyerberg MD, Professor, DMSc • “Father and Discoverer of Omega 3’s” • Chief Physician • World renown and foremost expert on Omega 3 Fatty Acids • 350 Publications • AHA “Recognition of Outstanding Contribution for the Advancement of Heart Health Worldwide” • Led 5 Expeditions to the Eskimos in Greenland
  3. 3. The Landmark Eskimo Study 1970 Danish Physicians – Greenland Eskimo Study – Consumption of High Fat Diet • Low incidence of heart health issues • Low incidence of inflammatory issues • Large consumption of Essential Fatty Acids: – DHA – EPA
  4. 4. Omega 3 vs Omega 6 Consumption
  5. 5. Primary Objectives Global Emerging Science Maximize DHA Benefits Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally Friendly Reduce SizeReduce Size Eliminate Fishy TasteEliminate Fishy Taste
  6. 6. DHA Emerging and Amazing Science • DHA the predominant Essential Fatty Acid • The foremost omega-3 in all vital organs such as brain eye, nerve tissue and testis. • 4 times the amount of DHA than EPA in breast milk
  7. 7. Alesund Region, Norway Provincial Town Brattvaag Ultra Pure Fish Oil Source for since the 1600 hundreds of years Gjendemsjo Family 75 years Fishermen - three generations Leif Gjendemsjo
  8. 8. Global Marine Research – Evaluate all marine biology for DHA and EPA composition – Additional bioactive components – Sustainability – Environmentally Friendly – Leif went literally around the world
  9. 9. Calamari The Premier Source of DHA –Rich source of DHA –Optimal DHA / EPA ratio –Environmentally friendly –Plentiful Supply –No impact on ocean floor or coral reefs –Increased stability –Clean and Neutral taste and smell
  10. 10. DHA Rich Calamari Oil 33% Increase in DHA Balanced DHA and EPA New Size is Easy to Swallow No Fishy Aftertaste Improve Omega 3:6 Ratio Exclusive Forever Formula NEW!
  11. 11. Dr. Jørn Dyerberg Professor MD DMSc Father and Discoverer of Omega 3’s