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Best practice by Lise - Business-Hangouts


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A hangout about best practice for running successfull hangouts with Business-Hangouts. To find out how to get to do your own Business-Hangouts with my help, go to

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Best practice by Lise - Business-Hangouts

  1. 1. Best prac*ce for BHO Lise Halskov
  2. 2. Examples from OnlineHaj
  3. 3. Weekly show • One hangout a week • Interviews or presenta*ons with online marke*ng experts • Around 1 hour each • It’s free • Between 20 to 70 viewers
  4. 4. Why? • I establish myself as the go-­‐to person to find solid online marke*ng advice • I collect lots of e-­‐mails • My guests do a lot of the promo*on • The YouTube videos bring in a lot of traffic • I get poten*al buyers for my own online marke*ng services • I learn a lot!
  5. 5. Before the hangout • I have designed templates for preQy much everything in order to save *me and keep branding consistent (favorite tool: • I plan the interviews 1-­‐2 months in advance • I have started geVng e-­‐mails from folks who would like to be on the show • Prepare your guests for the show (run tests)
  6. 6. Filling up the hangouts • E-­‐mails • Facebook events • Google+ events • TwiQer, LinkedIn, Instagram • List of hangouts on website • Let your guests promote the event too
  7. 7. During the hangout • Log on ½ hour before start • Speak with guest to make them feel comfortable • Check that their presenta*on shows up right • Write welcome and chat with viewers – make them comfortable with wri*ng to you • Go on-­‐line 5-­‐10 minutes before start and get the conversa*on going
  8. 8. Aaer the hangout • Trim the YouTube recording • Upload Custom thumbnail – write descrip*on with keywords • Create visuals for the blogpost • Embed on the website and add links, etc. • Promote the video – same channels as before • Send thank you and update to the guest and ask them to promote the recording • Remember to add the new e-­‐mails to your list
  9. 9. Important learnings • Coach guests with logis*cs: login, features,… • Have your guests log on 30 minutes before start • Include Tech Recommenda*ons for Viewers: Ex. Prefer Chrome/FF, no IE, etc. • Relax and have fun – your audience loves it • Just get started – as one of my guests on the show puts it: Perfect is the enemy of done
  10. 10. Can I help you? • • Google+ • LinkedIn •