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mblj_zhang guan xiao_3s1_40

  1. 1. Marina bay sands Ss project Done by: zhang guan xiao(40)
  2. 2. Singapore governmentcame up with the planto build the marinabay sands to promotetourism industry andcompete with othercountries and attractforeign investors forthe country’s economy
  3. 3. Development of marina bayThe development parcels at Marina Bay will be based onan urban grid pattern and extended from the existing citygrid network to ensure good connectivity. This gridframework has been developed to allow for the flexibleamalgamation or subdivision of land parcels into plots ofdifferent sizes, including larger land parcels to cater forbuildings with large floor plates to offer maximumflexibility and efficiency for financial institutions.
  4. 4. Design guidelines for Marina Bayhave required a variety ofdevelopment intensities andbuilding heights for the area,especially along the waterfrontwhere developments are being keptlow. This safeguards views to andfrom individual buildings,enhances their attractiveness andcreates a pleasant and aestheticskyline for the district. Tower locations in Marina Bay arealso orchestrated to create spaceand breathtaking vistas towards thewaterfront and major open spaces.By night, the skyline will glow andsparkle with beautifully-lit buildingcrowns and facades to creatememorable night scenes.
  5. 5. • Marina Bay served by a comprehensive transport network. New underground mass rapid transit stations links to surrounding developments, new road extensions to the city and airport, give residents and executives immediate access to the rest of the island and beyond. Within Greater Marina Bay, water taxis offer scenic rides while doubling up as an alternative mode of transportation around the Bay. This provides greater public- transport connectivity, both within Marina Bay and to the rest of Singapore . Thus boasting the tourism connectivity. Pedestrians moving around Marina Bay enjoy ease and comfort, whether at street level, above or underground. A comprehensive pedestrian network including shady sidewalks, covered walkways, underground and second-storey links ensure all-weather protection and seamless connectivity between developments and mass rapid transit stations.
  6. 6. • Marina Bay is planned with greenery all around – from the outdoors to tree-lined pedestrian malls, city rooms, sky terraces and roof gardens. As a waterfront ‘Garden City by the Bay, Marina Bay enhances the image of Singapore as a garden city. More than 100 hectares of prime waterfront land has been set aside for the development of the ‘Gardens by the Bay’, which consists of three waterfront gardens dedicated to the community’s recreation and enjoyment. The first of the three gardens to be developed will be the Gardens at Marina South, a 54-hectare park which will feature attractions such as a Conservatories Complex, a Flower Market and ‘Supertrees’. The Conservatory Complex will have two biomes simulating a ‘Cool Moist’ and a ‘Cool Dry’ temperate climate, creating a brand new horticultural experience. The ‘Supertrees’ are man-made structures that will incorporate vertical greenery with environmentally-sustainable functions such as collecting rainwater and recycling heat.
  7. 7. • Visitors to Marina Bay can look forward to an uninterrupted, experiential stroll along the 3.5 km promenade around the bay. The promenade forms part of the 11.7km waterfront route around Marina Reservoir, linking Gardens by the Bay, Marina Barrage and the new Sports Hub. Walk along the Bayfront and into the mysterious Mist Walk, which brings down the ambient temperature, making a stroll along this stretch a breeze in the equatorial heat. The fine spray misters also combine with night lighting and music to provide an integrated light- and-sound experience. Walk a little further and the promenade opens up to a family-oriented public open space that includes dancing water jets. You could also wander along the lower-level timber boardwalk, right down to the waters edge, and hop onto a river taxi to further exploration up Singapore River . Further along, Marina Boulevard is a tropical walk with flowering shrubs and shade trees. Here, you can pause at a Breeze Shelter from where you can appreciate the view from a cool and breezy rest point. At night, the promenade is lit with attractive night lighting.
  8. 8. • At the other end, cross The Helix pedestrian bridge from Bayfront to Marina Centre, completing your uninterrupted walk around the Bay. The double-helix structure resembles the structure of DNA, the basic building block of life, symbolising life and continuity, renewal, everlasting abundance and growth, reflecting our aspirations for Marina Bay. Next to The Helix, Singapore s first art park, the Youth Olympic Park, was developed to foster a greater sense of community ownership and connection with Marina Bay . It was opened on 24 April 2010 and currently features art installations using different media by local youths, depicting lifes aspirations. The park was built and named in commemoration of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games hosted by Singapore in August 2010. The park comes alive with coloured LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights at night, accentuating the various contemporary structures and installations against the lighted Singapore city skyline, making this park a visual treat to visit.
  9. 9. • In conclusion, all these factors that the Singapore government had accomplished when building the marina bay sands, is to encourage more tourists to come over and visit the marina bay sands, thus boasting the economy and the tourism industry of Singapore.