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Mblj_tan li fang_3S1_22

  1. 1. MLBJ-linked social studies Project Assignment By: Tan Li Fang (22) Class: 3S1
  2. 2. Question: Explain how Marina Bay serve as a model to the principles of governance deployed to help Singapore sustain its growth in the 21st centuryFormat of Presentation:- PowerPoint slide show(individual)- Submit by 8 March
  3. 3. Marina Bay development• attract foreign investment – boost Singapore’s economy• improve quality of life – better place to live in, work in.More outdoor recreational place, shopping centres.• Improve Singapore’s economy- boost tourism industryand investment• Improve standard of living- have more facilities for people
  4. 4. Marina Bay – Clifford Pier•Built between 1927 and 1933•First open on 3 June 1933•By the 1930s, the pier was worn out and the governmentdecided to build a new one.•has a simple but unique architecture with a roof structurecomprising concrete arched trusses in a riband form.
  5. 5. Clifford pier• Clifford Piers main functions in the 1930s was to welcomeimmigrants and other sea passengers.• existing 26,000 square metre Clifford Pier site including itsadjacent former Customs Harbour Branch building has beensafeguarded for conservation•Visitors can still walk into Clifford Pier as the site has beensafeguarded for conservation.Hence, Clifford pier helped contribute to the skyline ofSingapores bund.
  6. 6. A ‘Green Singapore’ •Breeze shelter -made of glass and stainless steel with large fans on the middle. -activated by motion sensors -solar powered.Eco-friendly ways/ environment conservation are important!-Singapore has limited resources-due to increasing population
  7. 7. Singapore – conserving land•Underground Shopping centre and high rise building- more space for leisure-Conserve land due to limited space in SingaporeHence, conserving land is important or else Singapore willbe very packed and there will be not enough space!Other environment conservations methods- Hydro-electricity- Solar panels
  8. 8. Marina city Gallery•Grey and white building models- grey buildings – already built- white buildings – still planning or undergoing construction
  9. 9. People involved in Marina’s development-government help to legalized the building of new buildings-The Urban Redevelopment authorityWhy Marina Bay’s development is important?- attracting economic investments, promoting trade andindustry, and improving productivity and the businessenvironment.How is Marina Bay planned?- Grid road network
  10. 10. Marina Bay SandsHighlight of Marina Bay Sands-Casino – entertainment-Global brands – entertainment- Hotel – relaxationSome Global brands in Marina Bay Sands-Chanel-Louis Vuitton-Gucci
  11. 11. Marina Bay SandsHow do they contribute to the growth of Singapore?- Improve the image of Singapore- attract tourists to Singapore and boost the economySignificance of MBS in 21st century- social cost (e.g. Casino – gambling )
  12. 12. Acknowledgement- Wikipedia-www. Frednmich.com/gallery/ clifford _pier-www. Ideas-empresariales.com-Pictures from google.com