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MBLJ_Shu Taro Brian_3s2_33

  1. 1. Marina Bay Learning Journey Shu Taro Brian(33) 3S2
  2. 2. Facts about MBSIt was built to:• Explore – New living options• Exchange - Hub for global business• Entertain - Kaleidoscope of activities
  3. 3. Contents• How the Marina Bay Sands is a good exemplification of the four principles of good governance
  4. 4. Leadership is key• We need good political leaders who can choose to do what is right,and not what is popular.• Although the casino was not popular with the citizens of singapore,the government built it to attract rich people from foreign countries,so the money they use on gambling in the casino will be a income for the government.
  5. 5. Anticipate Change And Stay Relevant• The Government of Singapore are foresighted as they can anticipate what will change in the future and react accordingly to it.• An example from the MBS is from the underground MRT station,as they predicted that there would be land shortage in Singapore,they built it underground to save space for other things.
  6. 6. Reward For Work And Work For Reward• The Singapore Government created the MBS,which provided the citizens of Singapore with jobs as they worked in MBS.• The more the people work harder,the higher the chance they will get a bonus or a promotion,thus driving people to work harder for their country.
  7. 7. A Stake ForEveryone,Opportunities For All• Everyone with the qualifications can work in the MBS,as Singapore practices meritocracy.• This gives a chance to anyone regardless of their race and religion to work there,as they treat everyone equally.