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Mblj_gan yu_3s1_29

  2. 2. CONSERVATION OF RESOURCESA “GREEN” SINGAPORE Presence of Eco-Friendly structures in MBS (Breeze Shelter) Makes use of light energy from Sun to move Conserve the usage of energy Reason: Singapore has LIMTED RESOURCES Other examples of Eco-Friendly ways--- Hydroelectricity and CNG for cars
  3. 3. CONSERVATION OF RESOURCESA “GREEN” SINGAPORE An Underground Mall in MBS was built in a way such that land is conserved. Other Eco-Friendly method--- Escalators that slow down when not in use.
  4. 4. BUILDING OF MARINA BAY People involved---Mark Boey, Fun siew Leong and Cheong Koo Hean. Government attracted Foreign Investors to build MBS Importance : Support Utilities offices, grow CBD, work, live and play environment
  5. 5. IMPORTANCE OF MBS (I) Presence of Local and Foreign Banks Banks help to connect Singapore’s economy with the rest of the World. Improve the quality of Life. With an increasing number of banks, Singapore’s economy grows
  6. 6. IMPORTANCE OF MBS (II) Increasing numbers of shopping centres Attract Tourists Casino to bring in profit The above contributed to the growth of Singapore’s economy.
  7. 7. Clifford Pier First opened in 1933 The pier ceased operation in 1st April 2006 and had changed from a pier to a big hotel. Function in the past: Act as a pier and allow foreigners to arrive at Singapore via sea transportation. Function now: A hotel that attracts tourists, this brings about a growth in the tourism industry and in turn brings about economic growth
  8. 8. SO HOW HAS THE GOVERNMENT PLAY A PART INALL THESE DEVELOPMENT??? (Conservation OfResources ; A “Green” Singapore) The Government adapted to new changes and are willing to accept new ideas. These new ideas helps to sustain the limited resources in Singapore. The Government try to build a place where profit can be earned while resources can be sustained The Government is led under a great leadership and the Government understands the needs and also limits of Singapore.
  9. 9. SO HOW HAS THE GOVERNMENT PLAY APART IN ALL THESE DEVELOPMENT???(Building of MBS) : The Government has a great foresight and build the MBS to benefit Singapore in many ways such as in the economy. MBS area has hotel, shopping centres and banks and all these benefit the economy. Hotel: Attract tourist and foreign investors to come to Singapore and bring about economic growth. Shopping centres: Bring about profit as both the locals and foreigners will visit . Casino: Bring in profit for the country as the people need entertainment. The Government uses new ideas to bring in profit for the country and at the same time conserve as much energy and resources as they can.
  10. 10. SO HOW HAS THE GOVERNMENT PLAY A PART IN ALL THESE DEVELOPMENT??? (Importance of MBS) : The Government build the MBS so as to improve the economy of the country and to improve the quality of life in Singapore. The Government attracts numerous investors to help in the building of the MBS which requires a huge amount of money. MBS held many banks which is essential for the strong economy of Singapore. Without MBS, Singapores economy will be greatly affected. The Government had a great foresight and saw the importance of building the MBS.
  11. 11. SO HOW HAS THE GOVERNMENT PLAY A PART INALL THESE DEVELOPMENT???(Clifford Pier):The Government adapted to new changes and this can be seen in Clifford PierThe government, turned the Clifford Pier into a hotelThis act attracts foreigners as they have more attractive places to stay at.By building a hotel, the government creates more job for the people.Investments from attracted foreign investors are also brought about and entertainment is also brought about for tourists and also local people.The Government is flexible and are able to turn the pier to a much more useful site which is a hotel.
  12. 12. THANK YOU!!!! :DAcknowledgement:1.) http://www.flickr.com/photos/dem_romero/5819508970/2.) http://goo.gl/uNnGB3.) http://goo.gl/mnkYI4.) http://www.flickr.com/photos/adforce1/4668918007/5.) http://goo.gl/tXNJ96.) http://goo.gl/2dokJ