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Mblj_boon kai lun_3s2_18

  1. 1. MARINA BAYLEARNING JOURNEY PROJECT WORK Done by: Boon kai lun(18) Class: 3S2
  2. 2. Content page• Foresight of government• Marina bay sands• Integrated resorts• Casino• Clifford pier• Marina barrage• Marina city gallery• Eco-friendly and ‘green’ Singapore• Acknowledgements
  3. 3. Government’s foresight• Due to the government’s great foresight, they decided to develop marina bay to gain revenue to sustain Singapore’s development.• They built lot of different infrastructure to gain $$$ to boost Singapores economy
  4. 4. Marina bay sands• Government anticipated change by building the MBS (integrated resort)• Have global and local brands• Attract tourist• Brought in lots of revenue to boost Singapores economy though tourism and shopping
  5. 5. Videos about marina bay• eUOaZt5ig&feature=fvsr• aTevKTyGfM
  6. 6. Integrated resorts• Government built integrated resorts to boost Singapores economy by attracting tourists from other countries.• Brought in lots of revenue through tourism An integrated resort at marina bay
  7. 7. A Stake for everyone ,opportunities for all• The casino created more opportunities for Singaporeans by:• Providing more jobs for Singaporeans.• Reduced the number of jobless people in Singapore• Brought in lots of revenue, boost Singapores economy A casino at Marina bay sands
  8. 8. Clifford pier• Formally used as a landing point for immigrants and other sea passengers• But later used as a terminal for tourists and day trippers who boarded small boats and ferries heading for the southern islands• Attracted tourists and thus boosted Singapores economy A picture of Clifford pier
  9. 9. Marina barrage• Government built this dam to alleviate flooding• Also serves as a reservoir which thus increased Singapores water supply.(Anticipating change) A picture of marina barrage
  10. 10. Marina city gallery• This has given us the initial plans that our government had (Good governance) .• Shows us that they had great foresight of our country and they are great leaders of Singapore.(leadership is key)
  11. 11. Eco-friendly and ‘green’ Singapore Solar panels At solar park at Marina barrage Breeze fan powered by solar energy
  12. 12. Eco-friendly and ‘green’ Singapore• Helped Singapore to tap on solar energy, thus saving energy and conserving the natural resources (coal) needed to produce energy• E.g. hydroelectricity
  13. 13. Solar energy• Due to rapid depletion of natural resources, Global warming is happening at a faster rate.• Thus saving energy is extremely important
  14. 14. Videos• EEG269Pck• IIy_wgIyw&feature=related• Hz1o5i6jhs&feature=related
  15. 15. Acknowledgements• Pictures from:• n&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=717&q=marina+barrag e• Thanks to:• Ms Caroline Chua