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Mblj wee lian jun, nelson 3_s1_39

  1. 1. MBLJ-Linked Social Studies Project By: Wee Lian Jun, Nelson(39) 3S1
  2. 2. Question?Explain how Marina Bay serve as a model to theprincipals of governance deployed to helpSingapore sustain its growth in the 21 century.
  3. 3. Learning Journey for Sec 3. How it all began.To understand the rapid development of SingaporeChanges in economic landscape?Improvements in quality of life and vibrancy?Changes to Singapore’s urban landscape?See how GOOD governance ensured Singapore’seconomic defence.To raise awareness on “green” urban planning
  4. 4. A GREEN SINGAPOREWhat is the eco-friendly structure and how does it work?Where in Fuhua do you see a device that uses similar energy-savingconcept?It is the motion-sensor fan powered by energy from the sun.(solar panels) It turns on when movement is detected and turns offafter a period of time where no form of movement is detected. Suchtechnology can be found in Fuhua’s various toilets. They are motionsensors with detect movement and in turn, switch on the lights. Aftera period of time when no continuous movement is detected, theyswitch of the lights to save electricity.
  5. 5. A GREEN SINGAPOREWhy are ‘eco-friendly’ ways important in environmentconservation?What are some of the conservation methods known to conservethe environment?It is important as it helps reduce the effect of global warmingcaused by various factors such as burning of fossil fuels anddeforestation.There are eco-friendly ways of generating electricity other thanthe burning of fossil fuels. One such way is the use of solarpanels as such as the motion sensor fan in Marina Bay.
  6. 6. Marina City GalleryDifference between grey and white models? Who are the peopleinvolved in the development in the Marina Bay and has thegovernment played a part?The grey models represent models of existing buildings whereas thewhite models represent models of buildings to come in the nearfuture. People who are involved include the urban developmentauthority, Marina Bay Singapore, Government Development, whichalso consists of mainly the architects and engineers. They changedMarina Bay to a leisure entertainment and business district.
  7. 7. In the gallery…?Why is Marina Development important?– Ensure good quality learning– Increase population, bring population back to the city.How is Marina Bay planned?– Planned by a seamless extension of the CBD– Provide sense of orientationHow can Marina Bay be made vibrant?– NDP and multinational plans
  8. 8. Clifford PierClifford Pier Is officially opening on 3 June 1933.In the past:Used to be a landing port for sea farers and immigrantsCurrently :Changed into a place for entertainment and leisure aswell as a source of tourist attraction to boost Singapore’seconomy.Helps to maintain Singapore’s competitiveness globally
  9. 9. Marina Bay SandsHow does the MBS contribute to the growth of Singapore?The Marina Bay Sands will attract tourism and foreign investorswhich created some job opportunities for the people of Singapore,therefore creating employment. Also boosting the economy ofSingapore by tourism.It also help create a better international image of Singapore for theforeigners.
  10. 10. Marina Bay Sandswhat are some brands found within MBS considered global brands?Local brands located in MBS and have they expanded overseas?Significance of what is seen of the MBS to Singapore in the 21century?There are some global famous brands in MBS like the Hugo Boss,Dior, Gucci and many more. By having global brands in Singapore,it help Singapore’s economy by boosting the tourism attraction.There are local brands that have expanded overseas such asSingTel and Robinsons. Other local brands such as Gongcha havenot expanded overseas mainly due to its age in the economy. TheMBS has to depend more on services in order to open up to theworld and improve tourism and provide jobs. These help improvethe economy of Singapore.
  11. 11. Good governanceHow does this relate to good governance? “Leadership is key” is the main factor to help boost Singapore’s economy. By having great foresight and the ability to anticipate change and staying relevant, our government has worked with MNCs to invest in Singapore.By anticipating change and staying relevant, our government has implemented the installations of devices like the motion sensor lights and fans in school toilets. This helps save energy and in turn save costs and resources. Electricity is also generated through solar cells found at the top of the fan and thus reduce energy usage.
  12. 12. ConclusionOverall, the Marina Bay Sands has contributed a lot toSingapore’s development and economy. And all this isdone through our government’s great leadership andinterrelated with the principals of governance
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