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Mblj lamkahhui 3s1_9

  1. 1. Marina Bay Sands•4minutes walk from the Marina Bay MRT Station•Opened on 23 June 2010•One of the proposals for Singapores first IntegratedResorts•Features three 55-story hotel towers•Rain Oculus above the shopping mall canal•The musical ‘The Lion King’ made its debut onMarch 3, 2011.•The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is Asia’s premiershopping destination.
  2. 2. 4 Principles of Governance•Leadership is key•Anticipating changes and Stay Relevant•Reward for work and Work for Reward•A stake for everyone, opportunities for all
  3. 3. Leadership is Key•MBS is developed to support the existing offices in MarinaBay•TheGovernment planned Marina Bay Sands with extensivepedestrian network to ensure good connections•MBSis made vibrant by having a soul stakeholderscommunity.
  4. 4. Leadership is Key•Leaders do what it is right by building MBS eventhough many people were not happy with thedecision.•The government is very honest and incorruptibleas they have built a well-known shopping centreand casino in Singapore.
  5. 5. Anticipating Changes and StayRelevant•Our leaders are very forward-looking.•The MBS was developed to increase theemployment rates and attract tourists.•It also attracted many foreign investments fromglobal brands like Gucci and Chanel to openshops in MBS The Shoppes.•This will boost Singapore’s economy
  6. 6. Anticipating Changes and Stay Relevant•Our leaders have also known thatsocial problems such as gamblingaddiction may increase if casinos wereopened in Singapore.•They try to prevent this problem byrequiring all Singapore Citizens to pay$100 to enter the casino.•This would discourage Singaporeans togamble and less people would becomegamble addicts.
  7. 7. Anticipating Changes and StayRelevant•Singapore has limited natural resources•The Breeze Shelter in Marina Bay Sands ispowered by solar energy.•It will only function when a person is detectedunder the shelter.•Therefore, no fuel is needed and it will save a lot ofenergy.
  8. 8. Anticipating changes and StayRelevant•Singapore also has limited land.•The government had to plan the use of our landcarefully to ensure that there are spaces for bothbuildings and recreational activities•Underground shops were also built to maximisethe spaces underground.
  9. 9. Reward for work and Work forReward•The surplus from Singapore’s growth has beenshared among all Singaporeans as a form ofreward for their hard work.
  10. 10. A Stake for Everyone, Opportunitiesfor all•The government are open to feedbacks from thepublic in the construction of MBS.•This is to improve the MBS and understand theconcerns of the people.•This can also minimise the problems we mightface after the building of MBS.