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Mblj kong houjing_3s1_30

  1. 1. MBLJ Linked Social Studies Project Assessment Kong Hou Jing
  2. 2. Learning Objectives• To understand a key to Singapore’s competitiveness in the 21st Century.• To understand the rapid development of Singapore – Changes in our economic landscape – Improvement to our quality of life and vibrancy – Changes to our Singapore’s urban landscape• To see how good governance has ensured Singapore’s economic defence• To raise awareness on “green” urban planning
  3. 3. Clifford Pier• It built in 1933 and was named after Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor of the Straits Settlements between 1927 and 1929. It was a landing point for immigrants and other sea passengers. A red oil lamp used to hang from the pier as a guide to seafarers, earning the pier the name Red Lamp Pier. The pier was later used as a terminal for tourists and day trippers who boarded small boats and ferries heading for the Southern Islands. During the annual pilgrimage season to Kusu Island, regular ferries departed from Clifford Pier to the island. Clifford Pier ceased operations on 1 April 2006, and was replaced by the Marina South Pier.
  4. 4. Clifford Pier• The change is important so as to keep up with Singapore’s competitiveness in 21st Century. The existing 26,000 square metre Clifford Pier site including its adjacent former Customs Harbour Branch building has been safeguarded for conservation, and its surrounding land parcels are currently being developed into a retail, leisure, entertainment and hotel centre.
  5. 5. A ‘Green’ Singapore • The ‘eco friendly’ structure is the solar powered fans found in a pavilion in Marina Bay Sands. It works by charging its battery with solar energy, and there is a motion sensor so that only when a person is there, the fan will turn on. This will decrease the amount of energy consumption. • In Fuhua, the lights in the toilets also uses similar energy-saving concept as there is a motion sensor in the toilet so the lights will only turn on when a person goes in.
  6. 6. Marina Bay Link Mall • We have constructed the marina bay sands platform on reclaimed land.
  7. 7. Marina City Gallery • The difference is that the grey ones have been already built, and the white ones are to be built. The people involved are architects and engineers.
  8. 8. Marina Bay Sands• Marina Bay Sands have contributed to the growth of Singapore, as it attracts tourists and foreign investors. It also helps to shape the international image of Singapore.• Some of the brands that are considered global brands in the MBS are Far East exchange, Gucci, Milan Tailors and Hugo Boss.
  9. 9. Marina Bay Sands• There are also local Singapore brands in MBS, such as Spectacle Hut and SK Jewelry. Some of them have expanded their business overseas.• The sight seen at MBS signifies that Singapore in the 21st century have grown through industrialization and social cost.
  10. 10. The End