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MBLJ-Linked Social Studies Project Assignment

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Mblj joanne toh 3_s2_15

  1. 1. SS PROJECTQuestion: Explain how Marina Bay serve as a modelto the Principals of Governance deployed to helpSingapore sustain its growth in the 21st century. Done By: Joanne Toh (15) 3s2
  2. 2. In The Beginning…• Marina South was reclaimed from the sea to provide additional land near the Central Business Centre of SingaporePhoto taken from http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://farm4.static.flickr.com
  3. 3. Land Before Reclaimed• Government foresaw its rich potential for the future growth of Singapore’s city centrePhoto taken from http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://farm4.static.flickr.com
  4. 4. Land After Reclaimed• Government decided to build Marina Bay on the southern part ofSingaporePhoto taken from http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://farm4.static.flickr.com
  5. 5. Marina Bay During The Development PhasePhoto taken from http://expensive.name/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/marina_bay_sands_construction.jpg
  6. 6. Marina Bay - Current Current day…
  7. 7. How Is Marina Bay’s Development Linked Toe 4 Principles Of Good Governance?Leadership Is KeyAnticipate Change and Stay RelevantReward for Work an Work for RewardA Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All
  8. 8. Principle 1: Leadership Is Key
  9. 9. “ A Good Leader Must Do What Is Right Rather ThanWhat Is Popular.” The government decided to develop Marina Bay and build the casino. Many people disagreed with the idea of building the casino. Hence the government implemented a casino entry levy. Has foresighted that the development of the Marina Bay would be a success.
  10. 10. Principle 2:Anticipate Change & StayRelevantThe need to be forward-looking. Implementing policies for future needs.
  11. 11. Integrated Resorts Tourism is important to Singapore’s economy Intense competition from neighboring countries Need to improve tourist industry to capture growing market! Hence, the government decided to built two Integrated Resorts, one of which is Marina Bay.
  12. 12. Integrated Resorts World-class destinations To attract more touristsand offer a unique attraction to the rest of the world • Latest data from Singapore Tourism Board (STB)  tourism receipts from January to December 2010 were estimated to reach S$18.8 billion STB attributed a significant proportion of the high growth of 49% in tourism receipts to the opening of the Integrated Resorts last year
  13. 13. Principle 3: ‘ Reward for Work & Work for Reward’ Meritocracy  A system that rewards hard work and talent  Encourages people to do well  Everybody in the society an equal opportunity to achieve their best regardless of background  Rewards the workers in MBS for their hard work and motivate them to work even harder and provide better service.  Boosted the quality of manpower.
  14. 14. ‘ A Stake forPrinciple 4: Everyone, Opportunities for All’
  15. 15. ‘ Everyone Has An Equal Say And Opportunities.”Development Of Marina Bay …  The construction ofIn 2004, the government consulted the people on Marina Bay helped to create the issue of having a casino as part of an Integrated more job opportunities to Resort. During feedback sessions, many people the people in Singapore too. voiced support and concerns about the government’s proposal.The Government considered the concerns raised and decided to go ahead with the setting up of a casino as part of an Integrated Resort.However, the government also implemented a casinoentry levy so as to answer to Singaporeans’ concernson the social impact of a casino ( i.e. it may lead toincrease in divorce rates, breakup of families, crime,etc.)