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Mblj jacqueline lee_3s1_7

  1. 1. Learning Journey to Marina Bay Sands Name: Jacqueline Lee (7) 3S1
  2. 2. Introduction on Marina Bay- Reclaimed from the sea from the 1970s toexpand the city- Planned to seamlessly extend from theexisting Central Business District atRaffles Place.-Allow for the flexible subdivision of landparcels into plots of different sizes, tocater for buildings with large floor platesto offer maximum flexibility and efficiencyfor financial institutions.- Increases the potential for mixed-usedevelopments and encourages live-work-playcommunities.
  3. 3. 4 Principles Of Governance :• Leadership Is Key• Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant• Reward for Work, Work for Reward• A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All
  4. 4. Leadership Is Key• Capable and honest leaders are needed to maintain stability in Singapore.• Leaders must have a good character, make sound decision and have a sense of moral and integrity.• Leaders are capable in making the right decisions for the country.• Leaders are to be incorruptible in order to win the confidence and respect of the people out there.
  5. 5. Leadership is Key• In order for Marina Bay to be developed into what it is now, capable leaders are needed.• Building Models were shown and there were many newly-builded buildings and some were under construction.• This shows that Singapore is developing well due to good governance.• By doing this, it helps to bring in foreign investment and support existing offices.
  6. 6. People involved in developing Marina BayCheong Koon Hean Mark Goh-They helped bring in foreign talents.-Improve quality of life-Helped build the Central Business District
  7. 7. A i ci pat e C nt hange and St ay R evant el• Government makes decisions in anticipation of future challenges.• Government decided to self supply water and sold it to other country.• This brings about economic prosperity in Singapore.
  8. 8. A i ci pat e C nt hange and St ay R evant el-Government built Integrated Resorts to boosttourism.-This invited lots of tourists to invest, whichbrings economic prosperity.-Also, building the Integrated Resorts providemore jobs for people.-Increase international image-By building the casino, it will allow Singapore toearn profit and promote growth in Singapore.
  9. 9. A i ci pat e C nt hange and St ay R evant el-Solar Fans were built.-This helps to conserve energylike fossil fuels.-As Singapore has limitedresources, thus building thissolar fan will help to conserveenergy.
  10. 10. Reward for Work, Work for Reward• People are rewarded based on what they do, not who they are.• They are encouraged to do well.• Give everybody the opportunity to achieve their best and be rewarded for their performance, regardless of race.
  11. 11. Reward for Work, Work for Reward• When the people are rewarded, it will motivate people to contribute back to Singapore and this benefits Singapore.• The people will be motivated to do well and provide excellent services to tourists.• This helps in the development of Singapore.
  12. 12. A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All• Avenues were given to Singaporeans to pursue their interests in fields that contribute to Singapores development as a vibrant and balanced society.• By building Casino, it will bring growth in tourism and provides job for us.• Although people were negative about building a casino as it may lead to social impact, the government still build it.• Policy decisions were made to serve the needs of the nation and it will change to