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Mblj_Ho Bin Ling_3s1_5

  1. 1. Marina BaySocial Studies Assignment Ho Bin Ling(5) 3S1
  2. 2. QuestionExplain how Marina Bay serves as a model to thePrinciples of Governance deployed to help Singaporesustain its growth in the 21st Century.
  3. 3. Marina Bay SandsHow does Marina Bay Sands contribute to the growth of Singapore?
  4. 4. Marina Bay Sands More tourists will come to Singapore = Increase Prosperity of Singapore
  5. 5. Marina Bay SandsAttracted Foreign investors to raise image of Singapore
  6. 6. How is MBS linked to good governance?• Anticipate change and stay relevant: - Try new ideas to attract foreign investors: - Introduction of Integrated Resorts (Resorts world and Marina Bay Sands) - Marina Bay Sands was developed and planned by Las Vegas, (Foreign investing)• A stake for everyone, opportunities for all: - Provide more job opportunities: - In Casinos and the foreign investors shops. - Gave everyone a chance to feed back before making decision to have IRs in Singapore
  7. 7. How is MBS linked to good governance?• Reward for work, Work for reward: - With new staff recruited at the MBS, they could be said as highly motivated individuals, as based on personal experience, when we went to the MBS the staff there were patient, nice and passionate about their jobs. This goes to show that they were highly interested and passionate about their jobs, and the Government would give them rewards for it.
  8. 8. Planning of Marina City Government employed the URA to plan the city.
  9. 9. Planning of Marina City Under good leadership, and planning.
  10. 10. Planning of Marina CityDeveloped vibrantly, introduction of Arts and Culture to improve the quality of life of Singapore
  11. 11. Planning of Marina City Marina city is built on reclaimed land, thus helping accommodating to Singapore’s limited space
  12. 12. Planning of Marina CityAlso saving our countries resources, Marina City uses eco-friendly structures.
  13. 13. How does the planning of Marina Citylink to good governance in Singapore?• Leadership is key: - The planning of Marina City was under the good leadership of the government, and the government had employed the Urban Development Agency to plan the area. - Under the good leadership, they were able to have a good division of labour and plan things well, so as to have everything taken care off, and also taken into consideration
  14. 14. How does the planning of Marina Citylink to good governance in Singapore?• A stake for everyone, opportunities for all: - During this process, the Government had also taken into consideration of the public feedbacks, and see what they could do. - Part of the Marina City plan was also to give people in Singapore more job opportunities too, and also, by good planning, they had managed to fully utilise the reclaimed land, by going underground.
  15. 15. End Of Slides.