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Mblj ek jiesee_3s2_03


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Mblj ek jiesee_3s2_03

  1. 1. Social Studies ProjectDone by: Ek Jie See (3) 3S2
  2. 2. How did Singapore progress from a fishingvillage to a thriving city?Government follows the 4 main p le ???principles of governance. Exa m AY B leadership is key R INA MA DS!! anticipate change and stay relevant N SA stake for everyone, opportunities for all work for reward, reward for work
  3. 3. Leaders hip is Key Government Build MBSGlobal city More job Attract tourist opportunities Earn more money S ubs idize educ ation, hous ing etc
  4. 4. A nticipate C hange and S tayRelevantThe Marina City Gallery has grey and white and transparent building models on a long table.Transparent building models are the future developments such as Gardens by the BayWhite building models are the current developments such as the Singapore Flyer
  5. 5. S take for everyone,opportunities for allGovernment listened to the views of the Singaporeans Allowed Singaporeans to ban their family members from going into the casino Make Singaporeans pay $100 entrance fees to prevent them from going to the casino regularly Built MBS – more job opportunities for people
  6. 6. Work for RewardReward for WorkGovernment left a green area on MBS such that… people could work in a relaxing environment Lower down the urban temperature
  7. 7. C ONC LUS IONFactors leading to the rapid development of Singaporeleadership is key anticipate change stake for work for and stay relevant everyone, reward, reward opportunities for for work all A cknowledgeme nts