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Social Studies project 2012

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Mbjl_Ng Si Xian_3S1_13

  1. 1. Social Studies Project Assignment 2012 ~MARINA BAY SINGAPORE Done By: NG SI XIAN (13) 3S1
  2. 2.  Question: Explain how Marina Bay serve as a model to the Principles Of Governance deployed to help Singapore sustain its growth in the 21st century.
  3. 3.  Marina Bay Located at the Southern tip of Singapore, Marina Bay was designed to expand Singapores downtown district as well as further sustain the growth of the country with the aim of being a major business and advanced financial hub in Asia.
  4. 4. Principles of Governance The following principles were shown through Marina Bay developments: 1) ‘Leadership is Key’ 2) ‘Anticipate change and stay relevant’ 3) ‘A stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All’
  5. 5. Building of Marina Bay Sands To begin with, the principle of governance, ‘Anticipate change and stay relevant’ . There were good governance, the government had anticipated change that Singapore would need to improve further so as to compete against other countries in aspects of development in this advanced 21st century.
  6. 6. Thus, the Marina Bay Sands was built,helping in the globalisation ofSingapore.This contributed greatly to the country’sdevelopments, as tourists wereattracted into Singapore as well as theforeign investors. Due to the, economicprosperity as well as high quality of lifeand vibrancy.
  7. 7. One example is, in the ‘Shoppes at Marina Bay’, which included many global brands and companies. It provided more investments opportunities for investors. Also, providing more choices for place of attractions to tourists for them to go to. The Marina Bay Sands is The Marina Bay Sands had another place which improves also raised the international the standards of living in image as well as making Singapore. Singapore more well-knownIt helped turned Singapore into in the world. Hence, probably an attractive arts and promoting the establishments entertainment hub though the of international links withstructures examples casino and other countries. shopping mall.
  8. 8. Global brands in Marina Bay Sands.
  9. 9. Breeze shelter powered by Underground malls solar panels ~These structures helps preserve the limited resources in Singapore. Such as: ~Less fuels would be burned to produce energy, thus saving cost to buy the fuels. ~More spaces would also be saved in the relatively small sized Singapore.So that there would be more resources left for the other uses related to thegrowth and development of Singapore or for the next generations, thus it also helps in the sustaining of the growth of the country.
  10. 10. Principle of governance’ Leadership is key’  However, without the guidance of thecapable leaders in the country, the plan of building the Marina Bay Sands would not be able to succeed. Thus, this shows the importance of the roles of leaders.
  11. 11. Principle of governance ‘A stake for everyone, opportunities for all’Based on my contextual knowledge, Some people werenot in favour of building a casino in Singapore, as theywere concerned about the social impact caused by it.However, through the feedback sessions, the leaders did the necessary actions to ensure that problem gambling was well controlled. This showed that there would be a chance and part for everyone to play in. Without the public’s feedbacks andresponse to the issue, the government would face greater difficulties in curbing the problems.
  12. 12.  Finally, the Marina Bay Sands indeed resulted to economic development, and helped Singapore turn into a city which flourish in arts and entertainments.
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  15. 15. For Your Kind Attention!